Why Is There A Pine Straw Shortage In North Carolina?

Why is there a pine straw shortage in North Carolina? Salvador Carmona owner of Vista Landscaping in Wilmington says the shortage in pine straw is due to there not being enough workers to harvest the pine straw. Leaving landscapers like him, with less bales of pine straw available for yard projects as business begins to pick up.

Why are pine needles valuable?

Three varieties of pine needles are farmed, but the discarded debris of a longleaf pine is the most sought-after — and fetches the best price — because of its unusual length and high resin content, making it an attractive, water-retaining ground cover for gardens.

Can you rubber mulch over pine straw?

"It'll be YUGE!" But in order to do this, they had to tout the benefits that rubber mulch has over natural mulches like pine bark, shredded hardwood, and pine straw. You can get rubber mulch in almost any color imaginable.

What is the difference between long needle and short needle pine straw?

Short-needle pine straw is the shedding from either a loblolly pine or the slash pine tree. The needles can range from about 6 to 10 inches in length and are light brown in color. Long-needle pine straw comes from the southern yellow pine tree, and needles range in length from 12 to 18 inches.

How much does it cost to have pine straw installed?

Prices & Delivery

Type Of Product Price
DELIVERY ONLY $4.30 per bale Long needle delivery
MULCH INSTALLATION $56.00 per cubic yard installed

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Do you need landscape fabric under pine needles?

Natural organic mulch, such as fallen leaves or pine needles, cannot replenish nutrients in the soil because the fabric acts as a barrier. Without fabric, this type of organic matter would naturally biodegrade and eventually blend with the soil. Weed seeds can still sprout in the mulch used to cover the fabric.

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