Why Is My Romaine Lettuce Flowering?

Why is my romaine lettuce flowering? Bolting, when the plants shift from leafy growth into flower production, is caused by a number of factors including high temperatures, long daylight hours, and less moisture – in essence – summer.

Can you eat flowering romaine lettuce?

Bolted lettuce can still be harvested and eaten, although the leaves will taste unpalatable and bitter if they are left on the plant too long, so it is best to pick the leaves as soon as possible after lettuce bolting and remove the plant entirely once all the edible leaves are removed.

What happens when lettuce starts to flower?

When plants flower, it's generally considered a good thing; however, in vegetables grown for their leaves, such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and other cole crops, bolting causes the flavor to turn bitter and the leaves to get smaller and tougher, making them inedible.

When should you harvest romaine lettuce?

Harvest the lettuce when it reaches between 6 and 8 inches tall, with leaves that begin to tighten. Check the romaine in the morning when it nears harvest time. Harvesting first thing in the morning is ideal, because the lettuce is more crisp in the morning than it is later in the day.

How do you replant bolted lettuce?

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How do you keep romaine from bolting?

To prevent bolting, planting leafy lettuces in the spring and continually harvesting (cutting them back) during the year will likely prevent bolting and provide lettuce leaves for most of the summer. For head lettuce, such as iceberg, consider planting them as a fall crop so they mature as the weather is cooling.

How do you prevent bolting?

  • Plant in the right season.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Use row cover or plant in the shade of other plants to keep greens and lettuce cool as the season warms.
  • Cover young broccoli or cauliflower plants and near-mature bulbing onions during a cold snap to protect them from bolting.

  • How do you know when lettuce is ready to pick?

    You'll know when to harvest lettuce leaves when they grow to about 3 to 6 inches long, depending on the variety. Keep harvesting the leaves until the lettuce plant "bolts.” This means that plant has turned its energy to producing flowers and seeds and leaves usually become bitter-tasting with tough stems.

    How do you trim romaine lettuce?

    How do you cut a romaine heart?

    Can you eat bolted lettuce leaves?

    Fortunately, both wilted and bolted lettuce are great to cook with, and will work alongside, or replace, leafy greens in any dish that calls for them. Bolted lettuce can sometimes be a little bitter, but, like chicory, it's also wonderful barbecued, pan roasted or in a cheesy gratin.

    How do you get seeds from romaine lettuce?

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