Why Does My Indoor Plant Have Yellow Spots?

Why does my indoor plant have yellow spots? Yellowing of the Entire Plant: Foliage may become yellow because of too little light, too little fertilizer, insect pests, or mites. Cold Water Spots: Watering with cold water or splashing water on the leaves sometimes causes white or straw-colored spots or patches on the leaves of some plants.

Can too much humidity cause yellow leaves?

Causes of yellow leaves on houseplants: Yellow leaves can be caused by problems with watering, lighting, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, pests or disease. Houseplants can also develop yellow leaves due to natural leaf aging or acclimation.

Can too much water cause chlorosis?

Overwatering is probably the most common cause of chlorosis, in fact iron chlorosis can be induced if soils are kept excessively wet as a result of overwatering, compacted soils, or poor drainage. I frequently see tree and shrubs that have developed “lime-induced chlorosis” as a result of overwatering.

What's wrong with my plant yellow leaves?

The most common reason that plants' leaves turn yellow is because of moisture stress, which can be from either over watering or under watering. If you have a plant that has yellow leaves, check the soil in the pot to see if the soil is dry.

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