Why Does My Alocasia Have Brown Spots?

Why does my Alocasia have brown spots? If your alocasia is not getting enough light you will find out fairly quickly - large yellow/brown spots will start appearing on the leaves. The plant is not dying, it is just stressed and will be fine once it has more light.

How do I get rid of brown spots on my Monstera plant?

Carefully remove your plant from the pot and using clean, sharp pruning shears, trim off any roots that look brown or mushy. Clear away as much of the old, wet soil from the root ball as you can and repot into a clean pot (either a new one or the old one that you've cleaned out) with fresh, dry soil.

What causes rust spots on leaves?

What Causes Rust? Rust disease is caused by a fungal parasite that needs living plants to survive. Rust diseases occur most often in mild, moist conditions. Rust is spread by spores that are transferred from infected plants to healthy plants.

Why are the tips of my Monstera leaves turning brown?

If the very tips of your leaves are turning brown, it could result from the entire soil drying out too much and/or from inconsistent and improper watering. Never let ALL the soil dry out completely. And when you do water, make sure you water thoroughly so that you don't have any dry patches of soil.

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