Who Was Sirius In Love With?

Who was Sirius in love with? Sirius is very gentle and loving with Marlene, contrast to how he was with his previous partners. He loves to lick all over Marlene giving her dog kisses, marking his territory in a way. After they have sex, the PDA is taken to a whole new level.

Why was Tonks so sad after Sirius death?

Her change in mood was because she was in love with Lupin and he had basically rejected her. It didn't have anything to do with Sirius.

Who is Tonks love interest?

The romance of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin happened, for the most part, off the page. We never witnessed their first meeting; we never saw them slowly but surely falling for one another during Order of the Phoenix missions; nor did we see their eventual wedding – or their deaths.

Who does Tonks have a crush on?

However, there was more than one reason for it and yet another cause of her depression was her love for Remus Lupin, who became her close friend over a year. One night when they lay in hiding outside a known Death Eater's house, she revealed her feelings.

Are Remus and Sirius in love?

Sirius Black is in love with how Remus Lupin loves him. Remus holds Sirius when he is upset, talks to him when he needs distracting and loves him so deeply that Sirius Black often wonders if he is dreaming.

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Are Lupin and Tonks married?

Remus and Tonks married in July of 1997 and they informed Harry Potter of their newlywed status just prior to the Battle of the Seven Potters. They had to keep their marriage quiet, as the Ministry of Magic had put anti-werewolf legislation into effect. They both expressed regret that Harry could not attend.

Did Sirius Black have a love interest?

He Wasn't Interested In Romance

Even in the books, no canon romantic interest is ever specified for Sirius. When Harry sees him in Snape's Pensieve, a girl is eyeing him hopefully and he doesn't even seem to notice. Since he was 15 in this memory, it seems strange that his hormones weren't driving him crazy.

Who did Sirius Black marry?

It never happened though. Some fans do like to theorize that he was married to Marlene McKinnon, but as far as we know he never got married.

How much older is Lupin than Tonks?

At the end of the book, it is revealed that Nymphadora Tonks has fallen in love with Remus (Remus is 13 years older than Tonks). He resisted becoming involved with her because of the risks from his being a werewolf, and he said he is, "too old, too poor, and too dangerous," for her.

Who is the girl with purple hair in Order of the Phoenix?

Nymphadora Tonks. The violet-haired Metamorphmagus brought a splash of colour to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We celebrate the chapter where we first met her.

Did Remus and Sirius date?

It turns out (naturally) that Sirius was framed, and even after their twelve-year separation he and Lupin remain fiercely devoted to each other. By book 5, the two of them are living together in secret.

Is RJ Lupin Sirius Black?

The summer before Remus began his tenure as the Defence professor, Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban. Remus, like the rest of the wizarding world, believed that Sirius had betrayed the Potters to Voldemort and murdered Peter Pettigrew.

Is Remus Lupin a bad guy?

Lupin is a good man, which Harry valued above all else. He never imagined that that wouldn't be good enough for everyone else until Lupin told him, “They will not want a werewolf teaching their children, Harry. And after last night, I see their point.”

Did Remus and Sirius live together?

3 Remus Lived With Sirius

After rejoining the Order of the Phoenix, Remus lived with his old friend Sirius at his house, 12 Grimmauld Place. While he's seen in the house in the movies, it's never explicitly mentioned that he's living there.

Was Marlene McKinnon married?

Marlene was born on August 1, 1960 to Michael and Melissa McKinnon. She is their fourth child and only girl. She is a half-blood witch, as her mother is a pure-blood and her father is a muggle. Marlene's four brothers are all wizards as well.

Marlene McKinnon.

Marlene Black (née McKinnon)
Biographical information
Marital Status Married

Did James Potter love Sirius Black?

Although he was very close to all of his friends, James was probably closest to Sirius, whom he loved as a brother and who moved in with James and his parents after running away from home at age sixteen. James also chose Sirius as his best man at his wedding to Lily, as well as his son's godfather.

Does Sirius Black have a wife?

Black did not get married or have children. As the portrait of Phineas Nigellus, Black's deceased great-great-grandfather, stated, the direct line of the ancient Black family ended with Sirius' death. Had Regulus Black lived, he would have been the heir of the Black home; however, he predeceased Sirius.

Did Sirius marry?

It's easy to forget just how young the Marauders were during Voldemort's first rise to power. They were hardly out of school when Sirius was best man at James and Lily's wedding (marriage wasn't for Sirius – he was, according to J.K. Rowling, 'too busy being a big rebel to get married').

Who killed Marlene Mckinnon?

The McKinnons were said to be one of the families killed off by Voldemort, as Rubeus Hagrid told Harry in his first year, when pushed to discuss the matter. Marlene and her whole family were murdered by Death Eaters in July 1981.

Why did Tonks hate her name?

Originally Answered: Why does Nymphadora Tonks not like being called by her first name? Because to British ears it's an awkward and silly-sounding name which sounds like it might belong to a Victorian stripper. She thought it was old-fashioned.

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