Who Is The Best Healer In Genshin Impact Reddit?

Who is the best healer in Genshin Impact Reddit? Qiqi is best healer but that is all she does which is why she is unpopular. Barbara heals and provides hydro to break pyro shields and at C6 revives characters.

Who is the best support in Genshin Impact?

Best Support Genshin Impact tier list

Tier Genshin Impact characters
S Bennett, Diona, Jean, Kazuha, Mona, Raiden Shogun, Sucrose, Tartaglia, Venti, Zhongli
A Albedo, Aloy, Barbara, Chongyun, Ganyu, Klee, Kokomi, Sara, Sayu, Qiqi, Xingqiu
B Amber, Hu Tao, Ningguang, Noelle
C Lisa, Traveler (electro and geo), Xinyan

Is Barbara the best healer in Genshin Impact?

Barbara is one of the prototypical examples of what a healer looks like in Genshin Impact. Both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are geared toward healing and offer virtually nothing else. She also has an insanely useful C6, where one ally will automatically be revived to full if she is in the party.

Who is a healer in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Healers tier list. Genshin Impact healing characters 2021 currently have six names: Barbara, Bennett, Diona, Jean, Noelle, and Qiqi.

Is Bennett a healer?

As Genshin Impact's premier healer unit, Bennett does it all. He heals the team incredibly quickly with his Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, along with providing a potent damage buff while in its radius.

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Is Xingqiu a healer?

Xingqiu is a passably good healer by using both their Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. These techniques also grant other benefits like damage reduction and shroud other attacks in the "Wet" status effect.

Is SAYU or Barbara better?

As far as being compared to other healers, Sayu fits herself just above Barbara in terms of base stats. However, in more detail, it is a difference of healing per second versus activation healing. Compared to Barbara, Sayu has better per hit healing with her burst than Barbara has with her elemental skill.

Is Diona a better healer than Barbara?

Barbara have pure healing skill, and stamina passive skill. Diona have buff shield and healing elemental burst.

Is Barbara the best healer?

14 Using Her as a Main or Sub DPS

Barbara is best played as a healer and a tank, where her burst can be an emergency button for its i-frame and instant healing. Her healing is amazing both in single-player and in co-op, where she can heal characters to full HP with a press of a button.

Is Kokomi a healer?

The best Genshin Impact Kokomi build turns the leader of the Sangonomiya resistance into a powerful and flexible asset that keeps your party alive in tough situations. She's a support healer with more DPS potential than Barbara, but it often hinges on circumstance more than it does with sub-DPS healers such as Bennett.

Is Barbara a healer?

Barbara is a Hydro user, which means her water-based skills can deal single and AoE damage to enemies. She's also a healer, which means several of her abilities can restore health to herself and other party members.

Why is Bennett unlucky?

Thanks to the bad reputation, many residents of the city believe that Bennett may be cursed. Most of the bad luck that has occurred to those around them has been because of bad food choices, dangerous domains, and of course, Mondstadts number one destructive force, Klee.

Is Hu Tao a healer?

Hu Tao's burst, "Spirit Soother," allows her to heal, but her healing is mostly inadequate. Without a healer, Hu Tao will be stuck at low HP and she'll be on the brink of death most of the time.

Is Xingqiu good Genshin?

Xingqiu is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact. Xingqiu is widely considered one of the best and most powerful characters in Genshin Impact because of his ability to deal Hydro damage to enemies.

Is Xingqiu a DPS or support?

In Genshin Impact, Xingqiu is arguably one of the best support characters. Building him correctly can support every kind of DPS and sub DPS characters in close and mid-ranged combats. Here's a look at the best Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact to get the most out of his top tier support abilities.

Is Xingqiu good with razor?

Razor Xingqiu have extremely good synergy in their ultimates. With the amount of heal Xingqiu provides I don't think Barbara is necessary unless you want Barbara to buff Xingqiu's water damage. I also put Xiangling in my team for overload and vaporize.

Is Xiao a DPS?

Xiao has been designed from the ground up as a DPS dealer, so if you need someone to do all the heavy lifting in your party, this may be the character for you. Xiao has proven to be a powerful asset in battle, and therefore has earned a S-tier spot on our Genshin Impact tier list.

Is ganyu or Ayaka better?

It is good to put Ayaka in the double Cryo character team. Ganyu is easier to match the team. If you played this game for a while and build some DPS. Ganyu's elemental skills can attract the monsters' attention, it is very useful in game.

Is black sword good for Ayaka?

One of the best four-star swords for Ayaka, possibly second-best even, the Black Sword is a solid Crit weapon for the Cryo princess. The Black Sword's passive ability heals Ayaka and increases her normal and charged attacks.

Can Traveller heal Genshin?

You may even find some weapons and artifacts that can heal characters in your game. Some weapons like the Traveler's Handy Sword can help the healing process, too. Equipping this weapon can give a character 1.75% health points each time they collect a Particle or Elemental Orb.

How is Qiqi a healer?

When Qiqi hits a target with her Normal or Charged Attacks, she regenerates HP for all party members and all nearby allied characters. Healing scales based on Qiqi's ATK. Regenerates HP for current character at regular intervals. Follows the character around, dealing Cryo DMG to enemies in its path.

Does Noelle heal?

With her Elemental Skill in effect, Noelle gains a shield and begins healing the team with each strike of her weapon. Both boost scale from her DEF stat, making her a premier tank to swap in when the rest of the team needs patching up.

How do you make jeans a healer?

Is Kokomi a healer Genshin?

Kokomi is a 5 star hydro catalyst-user, and a healer, the first new 5 star healer in quite some time.

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