Where Is A Dog’s Belly Button?

Where is a dog's belly button? You can locate your dog's belly button in the middle of its abdomen, right under the section where the rib cage ends. Most dogs will have a small barely-visible vertical scar, while some may have an oval wrinkle on the skin.

What does a belly button look like on a dog?

The dog's belly button does not look like the human belly button. For most dogs, it will look like a small flat vertical scar, or perhaps a circular or oval wrinkle on the skin. In some cases, the hair on the dog's stomach may even swirl or form a tuft near the belly button area.

Why do dogs not have belly buttons?

One thought is that humans tie the umbilical cord while dogs chew it, which might account for the difference. A puppy's umbilical cord is also smaller in size and diameter, making a way less noticeable belly button.

Are humans the only animals with belly buttons?

Your belly button, also called your navel, is where your umbilical cord attached you to your mother before you were born. All mammals have belly buttons—although others are often hidden by fur.

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