Where Does Peter Jones Live From Dragons Den?

Where does Peter Jones live from Dragons Den? He lives in Buckinghamshire with his partner, Tara, and has two children.

Where is Peter Jones from?

Peter Jones

What made Peter Jones Rich?

He bagged himself a job at a big corporate business, where just a year later he found himself running things. This was just the start for Peter's new-found success. He went on to establish Phones International Group in 1998, which generated an impressive £14 million worth of sales during its first year of business.

What company does Peter Jones own?

His business portfolio is wide ranging and includes Expansys, Data Select, Jessops, Levi Roots, Red Letter Days, Wonderland Magazine and Bladez Toyz. Peter launched the Peter Jones Foundation in 2005, which runs the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and the Tycoon in Schools initiative.

Who is the richest on Dragons Den?

Flash photography. He's the only dragon to have been in the den every series since the programme was first broadcast back in 2005. Now Peter Jones, 55, is worth a whopping £450million according to the 2020 Sunday Times Rich List.

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What age is Tej Lalvani?

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Where is Dragons Den filmed?

Dragons' Den (British TV programme)

Dragons' Den
Production locations Old Granada Studios (OGS) (2018–present) Space Studios Manchester (2015–2017) dock10 studios (2012–2014) Pinewood Studios (2011) The Depository (2005–2010)
Running time 1 hour
Production company BBC Studios Factual Entertainment Productions
Distributor BBC

Did Dragons invest in nimble?

Fast-growing family cleaning brand, Nimble, is excited to announce it appeared on Dragons' Den last night (8th March) and is over the moon to confirm its founder scored a hat trick, securing investment from not one, but three of the Dragons, to the value of £85,000.

What are the dragons businesses?

Dragons' Den: 5 of most successful businesses from the show

  • Reggae Reggae Sauce can now be found in all major supermarkets.
  • The founders of Craft Gin Club appeared on the show in 2016.
  • Magic Whiteboard is now a classroom and office staple.
  • Wonderbly has sold over two million books worldwide.

  • Who is Sarah Davis husband?

    Sara Davies

    Where is vitabiotics manufactured?

    Where Is Vitabiotics Manufactured? We are a British company and always aim to keep our manufacturing in the UK to GMP standards. The vast majority of our products are made in England, which includes our tablet formulations and all of our Liquid and Effervescent products.

    Who owns Jessops now?

    Peter Jones-backed camera chain Jessops files to hire administrators. The company, which was bought by Mr Jones's PJ Investment Group in 2013, currently employs 120 staff and runs 17 stores.

    What is the most successful Dragons Den business?

    Seven of the biggest success stories of Dragons' Den

  • Levi Roots.
  • Magic Whiteboard.
  • Skinny Tan.
  • Wonderbly.
  • Razzamataz Theatre Schools.
  • Chocbox.
  • Mainstage Festivals.

  • How tall is Peter Jones in feet and inches?

    Peter Jones

    How much has Peter Jones made from Levi Roots?

    After impressing the dragons, he was given the investment by Peter Jones in exchange for 40 percent in the business. Peter Jones has an estimated net worth of £500million so it is no surprise he has helped Levi build his fortune.

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