What Tier Is Chongyun Genshin Impact?

What tier is Chongyun Genshin Impact? Best Sub DPS GENSHIN IMPACT tier list

Tier Genshin Impact characters
A Ayaka, Chongyun, Jean, Kaeya, Kokomi, Rosaria, Sara, Sayu, Xiangling, Zhongli
B Sucrose, Traveler (electro and geo)
C Lisa
D Amber

Is Kokomi a good sub DPS?

Genshin Impact Kokomi build guide | The best Kokomi party comp. Kokomi's role as support or sub-DPS means she fits in well with most party comps. Having an Electro character, such as Baal or Sara, is a given if you're using our F2P build. That's it for our Genshin Impact Kokomi build guide.

Is Kokomi a support Genshin?

Kokomi is a character in Genshin Impact that uses Hydro Catalyst.

Kokomi Character Type.

Character Type HealerSupportDPS
Weapon Catalyst

Is Kokomi a 4 * Genshin?

Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst character in Genshin Impact.

Is Kokomi a better healer than Barbara?

She serves as a powerful sidekick healer for any team composition and does not have any limitations, unlike Kokomi. These facts alone make her not just a better healer, but a stronger character overall. Barbara is famously known to be a weak DPS unit that cannot take on that role at all.

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What catalyst is good for Kokomi?

Kokomi has been designed as a support character first and foremost, so we've centred our build around her healing abilities. The best catalyst for Kokomi has to be Prototype Amber, which features two powerful abilities when she activates her elemental burst.

What set is best for Kokomi?

Heart of Depth (4-piece) – The definitive set for DPS Kokomi. Aside from increasing her Hydro DMG, it also increases her attack damage by 30% after casting Kurage's Oath. Kokomi needs as many multipliers as possible, since she's basically losing out by not having crits, and this set is perfect for her damage output.

Is Yoimiya a 5 star?

Genshin Impact players who have unlocked the new five-star character Yoimiya aren't so sure if she lives up to that high-end rating. Yoimiya's most powerful attacks come at the end of her auto attack combo, and since she's an archer she has to stand still - without getting attacked herself - to pull them off.

Is Venti worth pulling for?

Venti is absolutely worth going for, as he is the best crowd control character in the game and can singlehandedly be the key to beating entire domains with his elemental burst.

What is Fischl's real name?

Her full name, Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort translates to "Fischl of the Sky Castle Narfidort". "Luftschloss" is a German phrase for 'pipe dream' or an imaginary place. Her name also indicates her royal status since 'von' is usually only used in names of noble families.

What does C0 mean Genshin?

C0 - Gotten char once. C1 - Twice.

Is Kokomi weapon good for Barbara?

Kokomi's elemental skill only applies the “Wet” status effect on her. Barbara's elemental skill, meanwhile, applies the “Wet” status on the active character who gets healed. This makes Kokomi more viable when facing Cryo-based enemies (the bane of Barbara's existence since they could freeze your party constantly).

Is Kokomi any good?

If you don't have a dedicated five-star healer like Jean, QiQi, or a maxed-out Barbara, Kokomi should be a great fit for your team. If you're not in need of a healer, Kokomi isn't worth your time. It's a tedious skill in contrast to somebody like Barbara, who still lets you maintain mobility as she heals your team.

What does Kokomi scale off of?

How does Kokomi's skill scaling work? HP scaling is nothing new for healers in Genshin, but according to her Elemental Skill description, both her heal and her amage would scale from HP.

Will Kokomi be a support?

Kokomi is ideally used as a Support character since her abilities provide healing, and her Bake-Kurage deals Hydro damage periodically even when Kokomi isn't the active character. Summons a Bake-Kurage that heals nearby allies at intervals and attacks enemies with Hydro damage based on Kokomi's max HP.

Is tohma a 4 star?

According to the leaks, Tohma is a Polearm user which would make him the third Pyro character that uses the same weapon. He's expected to be a weaker, four-star version of Hu Tao.

Is Kokomi a sword user?

Kokomi was described as an "adorable young lady." She's a Hydro user with no further information about her weapon or style of combat.

Will Yae Miko be a 4 star?

Yae Miko is an upcoming 5-star Electro character that will be coming to Genshin Impact in an a future Inazuma update, but a few details have leaked ahead of her official release. Yae Miko, also known as Guuji Yae, is an upcoming 5-star character that will join the game's ever-growing Inazuma roster.

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