What Piece Of Music Did Will Riker Find Difficult On The Trombone?

What piece of music did Will Riker find difficult on the trombone? "I'm seeing double here! Four Rikers!" Riker is leading a jazz performance on trombone, and Troi teasingly demands that he play "Night Bird," a song he's been failing to master for a decade.

Which music did Riker find challenging?

Commander Riker is leading a jazz quartet for a concert in Ten-Forward. When he asks for requests, Troi asks for “Nightbird,” a song Riker has been trying to master the solo of for ten years. Reluctantly, Riker goes ahead and starts the song, but he is interrupted by Data—the window has opened up sooner than expected.

Why does Riker play the trombone?

And veteran Trek actor and director Jonathan Frakes is one of the best at them. After all, Jonathan Frakes has a history with the trombone that pre-dates his time on Star Trek. Quoting the piece: “In fact, Riker got to play the trombone because Frakes happened to know the instrument from back in his marching band days.

Can Jonathan Frakes really play the trombone?

Frakes appeared on the 1994 Phish album Hoist, playing trombone on the track titled "Riker's Mailbox". Frakes would occasionally perform on the trombone during his tenure as Commander Riker, drawing on his college marching band experience.

What instrument does Will Riker play?

He can play keyboards, but his favorite musical instrument is the trombone.

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What secret project did Riker work on while on Pegasus?

Riker, on his first assignment out of the Academy. In that year, the Pegasus was assigned to conduct a secret test of a phasing cloaking device, in direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron. During the test, an explosion occurred in main engineering, resulting in heavy casualties.

Why did Riker grow a beard?

Jonathan Frakes grew the beard during the hiatus before TNG's second season as he dislikes shaving. He returned to rehearsal before shaving it. The producers liked the change and asked him to keep the beard, although a fictional reason was not given until five years later.

Who is Jonathan Frakes wife?

Jonathan Frakes

Does Brent Spiner play a musical instrument?

Data's instrument of choice was usually the violin, but he did play other instruments. Thank the internet for blowing this up very quickly — the man who brought Data to life (Brent Spiner) cannot play the violin. But, much like Nimoy, Spiner has had a successful singing career outside of Trek.

Is Riker difficult trombone piece?

In Ten Forward, people are gathered together and a jazz band, with Will Riker at the trombone, is playing "I Remember You." From the bar, Deanna Troi requests that he play "Night Bird" – a piece Riker has been having difficulty getting right for the past ten years.

Does Riker lean?

Frakes had a back injury, caused by having a job moving furniture. The result is the “Riker Lean,” where you often see him on set leaning on chairs or consoles, or with one leg propped up on something. You can also see his body is tilted a little when he's standing up straight.

Will Riker duel his father?

Calling the Old Man Out: Riker strongly disagrees with his father's absentee parenting style after his mother died, and after treating him coldly the whole episode, finally lets his feelings out during their Anbo-jyutsu duel—exactly as his father planned.

How old is Will Riker?

In season one of TNG, Commander William Riker is 30 years old according to memory alpha.

Is Riker project on Pegasus?

Riker proposes using the device they took from the Pegasus—a prototype for a Federation cloaking device. The device is phase-shifting and as such it would allow the Enterprise to travel through the solid matter of the asteroid and escape.

Why did Picard chose Riker?

Picard picked Riker as his first officer after reading about an incident where Riker refused to let his captain beam down into a dangerous situation, admiring his boldness and principled dedication to protocol. As Picard himself said, Will Riker was his trusted right arm for 15 years.

Is Riker the previous ship?

Riker had previously served as first officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Enterprise-E between the years 2364 and 2379.

Which ship did Will Riker develop a technique to use a planet's magnetic pole?

The Potemkin: By 2361, Riker was promoted to lieutenant and served in the operations division aboard the USS Potemkin. Aboard the Potemkin, he developed a tactic which involved using a planet's magnetic pole and shutting down all ship's systems to confuse an enemy vessel's sensors.

Why is Riker called Number One?

On the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Commander William Riker is usually (and informally) called "Number One" by Captain Picard, because of his position as first officer on the USS Enterprise.

Will Riker Father sports?

The sport played between William and Kyle Riker is a fictional Japanese sport called anbo-jyutsu. Before the anbo-jitsu match, the Rikers say "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" which means "please be kind to me" in Japanese. This takes place in 2365.

Who is Riker called Imzadi?

In the novelization of Encounter at Farpoint, the word is spelled "Imzati". In the novel The Art of the Impossible, Ian Troi and his wife Lwaxana refer to each other as imzadi.

What sport does Riker duel his father?

This episode was noted for the tensions between Commander Riker and his dad, which culminates in a round of Anbo-jitsu, a fictional martial arts form from the Star Trek future.

Who did Genie Frances marry?

Genie Francis

Who was Marina Sirtis married to?

Marina Sirtis

How many times was Brent Spiner on Night Court?

Noonien Soong, whom he also played, in a three-episode story arc of Star Trek: Enterprise: "Borderland", "Cold Station 12" and "The Augments".

Brent Spiner
Birth name: Brent Jay Spiner
Born: (1949-02-02) February 2, 1949 (age 72)
Birthplace Houston, Texas, U.S.
Occupation/ Career: Actor

Does Garrett Wang play clarinet?

He often entertained the crew in the mess hall with his big band swing style of playing. In fact, Garrett Wang actually played "Echoes of the Void" a musical solo for Clarinet composed by Harry Kim during the starship Voyager's crossing of the region of space known as "The Void".

Can Gates McFadden really tap dance?

Gates McFadden is an accomplished tap dancer, and did all her own work. The marriage of O'Brien to Keiko was a result of the desire by writers to portray a shipboard wedding on the series. Keiko would become a semi-regular character on both TNG and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993).

Who plays Commander Riker?

William T. Riker

Why did Jonathan Frakes sit down?

According to a thread on Reddit, actor Jonathan Frakes has an old back injury that he sustained years before Star Trek: The Next Generation, which caused him to have to modify the way he sits. Frakes' back injury was confirmed on the same Reddit thread by fellow TNG actor Wil Wheaton, who wrote, "Confirmed.

Why does Picard pull down his shirt?

Picard had a problem with the top part of his uniform riding up whenever he would sit or stand, and so he developed a habit of frequently tugging his shirt down. This move occurred so often that fans noticed it and dubbed it the "Picard Maneuver."

Did Riker gain weight?

Jonathan Frakes and his Cmdr. Riker character have changed in many ways during the seven years that "Next Generation" has been on the air. "When I started, I weighed 200 pounds and now I weigh about 210," Frakes jokes as he relaxes between scenes in his trailer on the Paramount Pictures lot.

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