What Job Does Janina’s Father Have?

What job does Janina's father have? Milgrom is Janina's father. He is a pharmacist who makes medicine, but he stops working a formal job after restrictions are put on Jews. Mrs. Milgrom is Janina's mother who is sick and dies on her mattress in the Ghetto.

Who were the jackboots in milkweed?

Nazis that charged and bombed Warsaw in the story. Called jackboots for their large, shiny, black boots. Often terrorized and beat up Jews (and Gypsies) living in the city. "They were magnificent.

What message did the old man have for the Jews milkweed?

Milgrom, who insists on celebrating Hanukkah despite the absolute misery of life in the Warsaw Ghetto. That Mr. Milgrom is prepared to commemorate Hanukkah despite everything that's happened in his life—including the recent death of his wife—indicates just how important his religious heritage is to him.

What were black pearls in milkweed?

Black pearls were coal and they were precious because the coal will give them warmth and warmth was very precious in the cold, harsh winter.

What happened to Misha's ear?

While Misha is physically able to pass for a regular child, he is undoubtedly not one. The violence in war-torn Warsaw becomes increasingly foregrounded. This comes to a head when a Jackboot shoots off Misha's earlobe. The removal of Misha's ear is yet another display of Misha's permanent loss of innocence.

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How do Janina and Misha react to the milkweed plant?

One day, while Janina and Misha are napping on the street, they spot a milkweed plant clinging to Misha's shoe. The white and green puffs float around Janina and Misha, and they are both warmed by the sight of a plant in the ghetto.

What is the climax in milkweed?

The climax of the book is on page 194 when the war is over and he leaves the farm that he has been working on for three years. The conflict in the book is Misha living in warsaw during WW2 and how Uri teaches him how to steal to survive.

What is the theme of milkweed?

The main theme of Milkweed is identity. The quest to define one's identity is a natural part of adolescence. For Misha, however, the task is even more vexing as he has no idea where he came from or who he is.

What is the conflict in milkweed?

In Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli the main conflict is person vs. person. Throughout the story, Misha has an external conflict with the jackboots. Misha never really understands the actual external conflict here: it is between himself and the Nazi party.

Where did Janina believe that the trains were going?

Misha sees Janina sitting on a smokestack and climbs up next to her. Misha refuses to tell Janina where the Jackboots are taking them, as a form of punishment, but Janina remains convinced that they will be going to the candy mountain.

Why were the trees disappearing in Warsaw?

Why were the trees disappearing in Warsaw? People were cutting down trees for firewood as winter was coming and they needed to keep their houses warm.

What country does Misha migrate to milkweed?

Misha Pilsudski was born in Russia and immigrated to Warsaw, Poland, with his father, who is a horse trader and his mother, who tells fortunes. Uri gives Misha Pilsudski many siblings and a favorite horse named Greta.

What does milkweed symbolize?

Milkweeds symbolize remembrance, dignity and freedom.

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