What Is The Meaning Of Ovate Leaf?

What is the meaning of ovate Leaf? Definitions of ovate leaf. an egg-shaped leaf with the broader end at the base. type of: simple leaf. a leaf that is not divided into parts.

What is ovate in plants?

OVATE FAMILY PROTEINS (OFPs) are a class of proteins with a conserved OVATE domain. OVATE protein was first identified in tomato as a key regulator of fruit shape. OFPs are plant-specific proteins that are widely distributed in the plant kingdom including mosses and lycophytes.

Is ovate a real word?

Meaning of ovate in English

shaped like an egg: The leaves are ovate.

What's another word for ovate?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ovate, like: oval, oviform, ovoid, ovoidal, egg-shaped, elliptical, oval-shaped, prolate, lanceolate, obovate and lance-shaped.

What is Glabrous leaf?

: smooth especially : having a surface without hairs or projections glabrous skin glabrous leaves.

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What does ovate mean in English?

1 : shaped like an egg. 2 : having an outline like a longitudinal section of an egg with the basal end broader ovate leaves — see leaf illustration.

What is Cordate shape?

Cordate is an adjective meaning 'heart-shaped' and is most typically used for: Cordate (leaf shape), in plants.

What is Oblanceolate leaf?

Noun. 1. oblanceolate leaf - a leaf having a rounded apex and tapering base. simple leaf - a leaf that is not divided into parts.

What trees have Cordate leaves?

Plants as diverse as pond lily, dogbane and American basswood trees all have cordate leaves. Identifying a species from a leaf alone requires finding some additional clues. Plants as varied as the wild violet, hibiscus and balsam poplar have cordate leaves in common.

What does do not obviate mean?

: to make (something) no longer necessary : to prevent or avoid (something) See the full definition for obviate in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the definition of Osage?

1 : a member of an American Indian people originally of Missouri. 2 : the Siouan language of the Osage people.

What is Coriaceous leaf?

Coriaceous: Having a leathery texture.* For example, the leaves of rhododendrons.

What is Ramal and Cauline?

Cauline leaves - When the leaves are found on node of the stem, then they are called cauline leaves. 2. Ramal leaves - When leaves are found on branches, then they are called ramal leaves. 1.

What are radical leaves?

Radical leaves are the leaves arising from the base of a stem or from a below-ground stem or rhizome arising directly from the root. In some species, the leaves are arranged in a basal rosette.

What is Rhino slang?

In US politics, Republican In Name Only is a pejorative applied to officials elected as members of the Republican Party, who allegedly govern and legislate like Democrats. The term is an acronym invented so that it is abbreviated to RINO and pronounced to sound like "rhino". The term became popular in the 1990s.

What does Cunate mean?

adjective. having or being in the shape of a wedge; wedge-shaped. (of leaves) triangular at the base and tapering to a point. Also cu·ne·at·ed [kyoo-nee-ey-tid] .

What is OVAT?

The one-factor-at-a-time method, also known as one-variable-at-a-time, OFAT, [email protected], OFaaT, OVAT, [email protected], OVaaT, or monothetic analysis is a method of designing experiments involving the testing of factors, or causes, one at a time instead of multiple factors simultaneously.

What plant has ovate leaves?

Examples of plants with ovate leaves include the elm tree, the blue beech, the dogwood, holly and clearweed. These twice-cut ferns often have a soft appearance, made up of countless tiny leaves.

What plants have Oblanceolate leaves?

Mentioned in ?

  • Chamaecytisus.
  • Chamaecytisus palmensis.
  • Cytesis proliferus.
  • genus Chamaecytisus.
  • genus Telopea.
  • Ob.
  • ob-
  • oblanceolate leaf.

  • What is rhomboid leaf?

    In biology, rhomboid may describe a geometric rhomboid (e.g. the rhomboid muscles) or a bilaterally-symmetrical kite-shaped or diamond-shaped outline, as in leaves or cephalopod fins.

    What is Digitate leaf?

    A palmately compound leaf. Description: A palmately compound leaf. This leaf consists of six leaflets. There are no buds between the leaflets but there would be a bud near the head of the lower aril.

    Which Indian tree has heart leaves?

    The bark of the peepal tree is light grey, smooth, and peels in patches. Its heart-shaped leaves have long, tapering tips and the slightest breeze makes them rustle. Called Ashwatha in Sanskrit, the peepal tree is sacred to Hindus as well as Buddhists.

    What tree leaf is shaped like a heart?

    Heart-shaped leaves are intrinsic to the beauty of Cercidiphyllum japonicum; katsura-tree, the common name, is borrowed from the Japanese name for the tree. Cercidiphyllum means having leaves like Cercis, the redbud tree, which also has heart-shaped (cordate) leaves.

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