What Is Sky’s Real Name?

What is Sky's real name? A few years ago on VH1's Black Ink Crew, cast member Jakeita “Sky” Days found out that her real name is actually Jo Keita. The revelation inspired the rest of the tattoo shop employees to divulge the monikers they were given at birth. Sky, for one, still seemed a bit confused.

Is sky from black ink crew in jail?

She served a jail sentence for around a year and was asked not to leave Arizona during her probationary period. This got her another jail sentence which could have gone on for 9 years but she was lucky to have served the sentence just for two months. There have also been reports about how bad her time in jail was.

What is Skyy from black ink worth?

It's been said that her net worth is around $4 million. And while she is not the head huncho on Black Ink Crew, Sky brings in money from representing various brands on social media, hostings, and club appearances.

Are Caesar and sky siblings?

Fans Are Pleased to See Ceaser and Sky Back on Good Terms After 'Black Ink' Blowup. Days and Emanuel are longtime friends who grew up together in New York and even refer to each other as brother and sister. The mother of two started working at Emanuel's tattoo shop in 2015 as the business' front desk receptionist.

How long did Sky go to jail?

When Dutchess, Sky, and Ted realize that they will be leaving Arizona without Sky, who has been sentenced to two months in jail, Ted's true feelings come to light.

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Did sky really go to jail?

Fans of Black Ink Crew know all about Sky's arrest for credit card fraud. “10 years ago I got caught committing credit card fraud in Arizona and I was sentenced to one year. After I did my year in jail I was put on probation and I went on the run for a few years.

Is Alex and Donna still together?

Yes, it seems like Donna and Alex are still together. After their engagement, the couple seemed to be well on their way towards marriage. Once the Covid-19 lockdown hit, the couple engaged themselves otherwise after the tattoo stores closed down.

Is sky still on Black Ink Crew 2021?

Sky stated that she's moving to LA to pursue a career in acting and producing. "I'm working on a movie, and I also have Days Media productions, so I have something coming out on Netflix under my production company," she shared.

What happened to fly from 2nd City Ink?

Initially, it was reported that Fly's death was ruled a suicide, but fellow cast member Ryan Henry went on social media the following day to say this wasn't the case. "Due to early misinformation yesterday, it is confirmed by family and friends today that Elijah's 'Flytatted' death was ruled a homicide, not suicide.

Is sky still on Black Ink 2021?

And she should have swallowed instead or terminated the pregnancy. Des also told Ceaser that she tried to assault him as well. Producers decided to suspend Sky from the show. And she came to the conclusion that it was time for her to leave for good.

Is sky from black ink bipolar?

Tiffany Pollard Reveals Her Bipolar Disorder to Sky from Black Ink Crew - VH1 News.

Does Sky have a relationship with her sons?

“Black Ink Crew” star Sky has been open about her relationships with her sons. Seasons ago, she expressed that she wanted to get back in touch with them. She put them up for adoption when they were very young. But when she did, things didn't go smoothly with her oldest son Genesis.

Who robbed 125th black ink?

We previously reported, Ceaser admitted that his longtime best friend, and castmate, Walter Miller, was involved in a robbery that took place at his tattoo shop on 125th shop in New York. Walter operated as the shop manager, and during the break-in money, and tools were stolen.

Who is Ceaser Emanuel dating?

In case you didn't know, Ceasar has been coupled up with a woman named Suzette for quite some time. In fact, Suzette even shared recently via Instagram that the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in February 2021.

What race is Krystal from Black Ink Crew?

The reality TV star is said to be Puerto Rican, and often catches the eyes of her male co-stars, especially Ted, who is usually drawn to Spanish girls.

Are Quani and Puma still together?

The couple have now been together for 9 years, and married for 7 years! During an interview in September 2019, Puma said they are “still here in love with two beautiful kids”. Their children are called Tamia and Zaiden.

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