What Happens If You Pour Soy Wax Too Hot?

What happens if you pour soy wax too hot? When soy wax is exposed to excessive heat, moisture, or has a high oil content it can become soft and clump together.

How hot is too hot for soy wax?

If the candle cools too fast you will get fat bloom and if the candle cools too slowly you will get fat bloom. Melting of the Wax - The wax should be heated to a temperature of 130 - 200 F to melt the wax. Do not heat the wax above 200 F. If wax is held at higher temperatures for long periods of time it will discolor.

What happens if I overheat my wax?

A heating solution that heats wax evenly will ensure even mixing during this process. Prevents overheating. Overheating can also cause discoloration—along with cracking, poor fragrance throw, poor glass adhesion, frosting, and rough tops—ultimately creating a weakened product.

Can you burn soy wax?

The wicks of soy candles are also safe to burn – made from natural hemp or cotton, they contain no lead, making them non-toxic.

Why is my soy candle bumpy after burning?


The rough, bumpy tops after burning a soy wax candle are caused when the hot wax in the melt pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. This is a feature of soy wax, and not a sign you did anything incorrectly.

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What temp does soy wax burn?

Soy wax is very temperature sensitive. Heating the wax over 200 degrees Fahrenheit for example will burn and discolor the wax.

What happens if you pour wax too cold?

Hollowing or Sinking. This usually occurs when the pour temperature is too low. If the candles are cooling too quickly the wax on top dries while the underneath is still quite warm. This causes the wax to suck down on itself as it continues to dry.

What temperature do you add fragrance oil to soy wax?

Add your fragrance at the right temp: Adding your fragrance oil when your wax is at the proper temperature will help it bind to the wax, which will help give you a stronger scent throw. It is usually recommended to add your fragrance to the wax at 180-185F for soy and paraffin wax 200-205F for palm wax.

What is the right temperature for candle wax?

In general a Soy container wax should be poured anywhere from 120 degrees F up to 140 degrees F. Pillar candles made with paraffin wax will get best results when poured in excess of 180 degrees F, most one pour waxes 150-160 degrees F and container candles made with other paraffin waxes would be 170-180 degrees F.

How long does soy wax take to harden?

The wax will begin hardening right away, so do not move or adjust your candle. As it begins to harden, you'll see the color lighten within the candle. Let sit for at least three hours before removing your pencil and trimming the wick.

Why is my soy wax cracking?

Rough Surfaces/Cracking: Candles have an uneven, rough surface or small air bubbles which lead to small holes, cracking, and/or jump lines. Possible Causes: Stirring too vigorously, water somehow got into the wax, your candles cooled too fast, candles were poured at too cool of a temp.

Why are my soy candles turning white?

High temperatures change the chemical state of the soy wax, causing variations in the moisture content and texture of the wax as it cools. This state change can lead to "frosting" (white spots) as the wax cools. According to CandleDance.com, the frosting on soy candles is actually a crystal growth of vegetable oils.

How do you smooth the top of a soy candle?

Why is my soy candle sweating?

Sweating can be the result of moving a candle from one temperature to another. Soy wax is sensitive to extreme temperature changes, causing the natural oils to separate from the wax, leaving the pools of oil we see on top. Sweating can also occur when fragrance oil is incorrectly added to the soy wax.

Is it better to pour soy wax hotter or colder?

If you are just heating up a small batch of wax to transfer to a pitcher to cool before hand-pouring it into some jars, it will cool very fast. This means that when you pour a soy candle you only have to heat it up 10-15 degrees hotter than desired pour temperature.

What temperature should I pour soy wax UK?

As we pour five candles at a time, we need 100ml of scent per pour. We then pour 1.5 litres into a jug and check the temperature, which needs to be between 58 and 62C. It's a delicate process and if it's too cold, we pour the wax back into the cooker and increase the temperature slightly.

How soon after making a candle can you burn it?

In reality, most candles created for others will not be burned in the first 24 hours, regardless of cure time. Add to that the length of time it takes to burn test, which can sometime take weeks.

How do you fix a sinkhole in a soy candle?

Can you mix soy wax and coconut oil?

Measure a ratio of 3 parts soy wax chips and 1 part coconut oil into a double broiler or glass jar on low heat. Four cups of melted wax should yield approximately two small jar candles.

What is frosting on soy wax melts?

Frosting is when a white crystalline layer forms on the surface of natural waxes such as soy. This is a natural effect of soy wax and only occurs throughout vegetable waxes. Frosting takes place when the natural wax used to make a candle tries to return to its natural state. Mixing your melted wax slowly.

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