What Does Lina’s Mother Use As A Bribe To Keep Jonas With Them?

What does Lina's mother use as a bribe to keep Jonas with them? Mother bribed a guard to get off the train.

How do Andrius and his mother contribute?

He is fiercely protective of his mother, and often helps Lina's family procure food and shelter. Andrius takes Jonas under his wing, offering protection and guidance that comforts Lina and her mother.

Why are Andrius and his mother working in the NKVD building?

Ch 39 - 5: Why are Andrius and his mother working in the NKVD building? The NKVD threatened to shoot Andrius If Mrs. Arvydas doesn't sleep with the officers.

What does Lina's mother say is Stalin's plan for Lithuania?

Mother said that Stalin's plan is to move them out of Lithuania temporarily. 15. How did Lina save Andrius on pg.

What is the moms name in between shades of gray?

Elena Vilkas: Lina and Jonas' mother. A loving woman, kind and generous with her gestures and food, who perishes from grief and her attempts to save her children by giving them her rations. She also teaches her children that it is important to do what is right, not what is easy.

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What does the milkweed plant symbolize in the book milkweed?

The milkweed of the novel's title symbolizes the resilience of the human soul in the barren environment of the ghetto and the survival of the soul beyond it.

Why did Misha get hit by a car?

Misha uses a shard of mirror to practice his facial expressions. In his attempt to not look guilty and appear confident, Misha gets hit by a car as he crosses the road. Uri drags him off the street while kicking his rear, much to the amusement of passersby in the street.

What important advice does mother give to the children?

Terms in this set (47) Ch 7-1: What important advice does Mother give to the children? To stay close to her.

What happens to Andrius in ashes in the snow?

The epilogue indicates that Andrius and Lina reunite and marry after the war. A few of the Vilkas' notable companions are Mr. Stalas (usually called “the bald man”), Ona and Miss Grybas.

How old is Jonas vilkas?

Jonas, Lina's brother, is ten years old when he is deported.

How old is Elena vilkas in Between Shades of Gray?

Lina Vilkas is fifteen years old when she and her family are deported from their comfortable middle class home in Lithuania in 1941.

Who dies in Between Shades of Gray?

Jonas almost dies from scurvy, and Andrius saves him by stealing a can of tomatoes from the NKVD officers. The NKVD try to force the deportees to sign a document sentencing them to twenty-five years of hard labor for their crimes against the state, but many of the deportees resist.

What does the commander ask of Elena?

In a building, looking out at mother in the window, trying to figure out the conversation. Ch 30 - 1a: What did the commander want? Elena to work with them, for her to be a spy.

What does Mrs Rimas do when Elena dies?

Jonas and Lina cry over their mother's dead body, while Mrs. Rimas recites a prayer. When she dies, it feels as if their collective will to survive has died as well. Even the bald man, the most pessimistic of the group, mourns the loss of Elena.

Who is Kuba in milkweed?

Kuba is one of the boys who welcomes Misha into the group of orphans. Initially, he gives Misha a hard time by blowing smoke in his face. Kuba is described as a “clown,” but runs out of jokes when Olek is found dead (40). Kuba helps smuggle food when the boys are in the ghetto.

Is milkweed a movie?

Email Producer Gail Rosenblum for information or to get involved. We are thrilled to announce that Milkweed, our long-in-the-works film project, has won a magnificent $20,000 grant from the esteemed Covenant Foundation of New York.

Who is poppy noodle in milkweed?

Wendy Janina calls out to Jack excitedly, calling him “Poppynoodle” (162). Jack thinks of all the names he's had throughout his life, from Stopthief to Gypsy to Jew, and is happy that he is now Poppynoodle.

Why does Uri shoot Misha in milkweed?

By wounding Misha and rendering him unconscious so that the Nazis would have thought he was dead, Uri had saved his friend from being put on the train to the concentration camps, where he would have been killed in the ovens.

Why is the book called milkweed?

Milkweed is a symbol of hope and an angel. The first time Misha and Janina saw a puff of milkweed they thought that they were being watched over by an angel. At this time they thought that they would go to heaven and have a happy ending to life. Jerry Spinelli has created a novel that is really emotional.

Why are angels important in milkweed?

Angel imagery is repeated throughout Milkweed. Misha sees his first angel in the form of a statue above a gravestone. The angel takes many forms throughout the novel but continues to represent the human soul and the possibility of continued existence after death.

Who shoots Misha milkweed?

In brief, Uri shoots Misha to save him. In Milkweed, Uri is one of Misha's closest friends. Near the beginning of the novel, he not only rescues the homeless street urchin but gives him an identity, including a name and a plausible life story. Uri himself is Jewish, but Misha is not.

What is the real reason why can't Misha ride the merry go round?

Though society seeks to stop Misha from riding the merry-go-round due to prejudice and bigotry, Uri does so to keep Misha safe. Both forces keep Misha from embracing his right to childishness, a reflection of the Holocaust and its corruption of normalcy and innocence.

What are black pearls in milkweed?

Black pearls were coal and they were precious because the coal will give them warmth and warmth was very precious in the cold, harsh winter.

What does the poem's speaker mean when she says that her life ain't been no crystal stair which details in lines 1/7 of the poem explain her meaning as well as who she is?

What does the speaker mean when she says that "life for me ain't been no crystal stair"? She meant that her life was not perfect. She had to overcome many obstacles.

Where was ashes in the snow filmed?

One of the most ambitious movies presented at the recent LA Film Festival, Ashes in the Snow is an epic tale filmed almost entirely in Lithuania, with an international cast headed by Bel Powley but also featuring actors from Norway and Sweden, as well as the U.K. and the U.S. The pic is a bit too somber and

What did Lina first use to draw on and pass along to her father?

Study guide for Between Shades of Gray test

Question Answer
What did Lina first use to draw on and pass along to her father? (62) A handkerchief
What gift makes its way among Lina, Andrius and Jonas throughout the story? A stone

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