What Does F32 T8 Mean?

What does F32 T8 mean? A regular lamp size will look like this: F32T8. This means a T8 lamp is 8/8ths of an inch in diameter, or 1 inch. A T12 is 12/8ths of an inch, or 1.5" in diameter. A T5 is 5/8" in diameter. All F32 and F40 lamps are essentially 4 foot long lamps (47" if you don't count the pins).

What type of lamp is an F32 T8?


Light Type Fluorescent
Wattage 32 watts
Brand Sunlite
Bulb Shape Size T8
Style 32 watts (48-Inch)

How do you change a T8 bulb to a F32?

What is a T8 fluorescent bulb?

The “T” designation in fluorescent lamp nomenclature stands for tubular — the shape of the lamp. A T8 lamp (on the right in the figure below) is eight-eighths of an inch, or one inch (2.54 cm), in diameter.

How do I identify a fluorescent light bulb?

Lamps are typically identified by a code such as FxxTy, where F is for fluorescent, the first number (xx) indicates either the power in watts or length in inches, the T indicates that the shape of the bulb is tubular, and the last number (y) is the diameter in eighths of an inch (sometimes in millimeters, rounded-up to

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How long is a f32 T8?

F32T8 tubes are one inch in diameter and four feet in length. These 32-Watt fluorescent tube lights emit a 3000 Kelvin color temperature that is designed to resemble the light of traditional halogen lamps.

How can you tell the difference between T8 and T12 bulbs?

The main difference between T8 and T12 tubes is the tube's diameter. T12 tubes are 1.5" in diameter while T8s are just one inch. All other things—socket sizes, lengths, distance between pins—are the same. T8 LED tubes won't fall out if you try to install them in a T12 fixture—they'll fit just fine.

Are T8 and T12 bulbs interchangeable?

T12 primarily run off a magnetic ballasts and T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts. So the bottom line is that these are not interchangeable and if you're going to upgrade from a T12 to a T8 bulb, then you also have to change out the ballast.

Are T5 and T8 bulbs interchangeable?

The major physical difference between T5 and T8 light bulbs is the length and diameter of the tube itself. The T5 tends to be slightly shorter than the T8 tube, and is significantly smaller in diameter. This factor is important to consider when looking at your fixture, because the two tubes are not interchangeable.

What size is a T8 fluorescent tube?

What size do fluorescent tubes come in? Fluorescent tubes have two dimensions; diameter and length. The type of tube is determined by its diameter, with T2 (7mm), T4 (12mm), T5 (15mm), T8 (25mm), T12 (38mm) all available in multiple lengths and wattages.

What is T8 LED tube light?

A T8 tube light is a 1 inch diameter fluorescent or LED tube of varying lengths with a bi-pin or single pin base. T8 tube lights are commonly used in high bay fixtures, troffers, and other general lighting applications.

How do you install a t8 fluorescent light?

How do you remove fluorescent light covers without clips?

Wrap your fingers under the edge of the light cover if there are no clips or tabs. Pull outward and down. A lip on the inside of the cover may hold it in place. Set the cover gently on the ground or a work table so that it does not get scratched.

How do you install a fluorescent light fixture in a garage?

Are T8 fluorescent lights?

T8 bulbs are available as either linear fluorescent or LED tubes. T8 fluorescent tubes are commonly rated for 20,000 life hours, but range from 7,500 hours to 46,000 hours for standard T8 tubes. More energy efficient fluorescent T8 lamps can have a rated lifespan of up to 84,000 hours.

Which is brighter T12 or T8?

The Standard T12 lamp produces 2,650 initial lumens per lamp. The standard T8 produces 2,800 initial lumens per lamp, 6% brighter. But the standard T12 lamp produces 2,300 design lumens and the T8 produces 2,660 design lumens. Design Lumens are the average lumen output of the lamp after 40% of its rated life.

What is the brightest T8 fluorescent bulb?

The brightest four foot T8-sized LED tube light is the Barrina LED Shop Light Fixture. This tube shines with 5000 lumens using 44 watts. It replaces a 72 watt fluorescent tube.

How do I know what light bulb I have?

Bulbs shapes have an alphanumeric code. The letter tells you the general shape of the bulb and number tells you the width or diameter of the largest part of the bulb in eighths of an inch. For example, the common and well-known standard light bulb for a table lamp is also referred to as an “A19”.

Where do you usually use a T5 fluorescent?

T5 luminaires are usually used in new construction projects. Because T5 lamps have smaller diameters, shorter lengths, and higher luminances than T8 and T12 lamps, they are more suitable for indirect lighting, direct/indirect lighting, direct lighting for high-bay applications, and wall-washing applications.

What is T5 fluorescent tubes?

A T5 is a type of fluorescent tube. It differs from a T12 and a T8 in its diameter. All T5s are 5/8ths of an inch (T8s are exactly 1inch thick and T12s are 12/8ths or 1.5 inches thick). T5s are 16mm in diameter making them the thinnest fluorescent tube out of the three.

Is an F40 bulb a T8 or T12?

Sylvania 24477 - F40/DX Straight T12 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb.

What Kelvin is a T8 bulb?

5000+ Kelvin T8's are the “daylight” equivalent with a glow that ranges from pure white to bluish white. Daylight color temperature is useful for any high-security areas, garages, parking structures and display areas.

How many lumens is a F32T8?

Wattage 32 Watt
Lumens (Mean) 2800
Base Type Medium Bi-Pin
Lighting Technology Fluorescent
Made in USA Yes

Can I use a T8 fluorescent tube in a T12 fluorescent fixture?

T8 tubes are simply 1 inch in diameter versus the 1.5 inch diameter of T12 tubes. In an effort to make LED tube lights compatible with the internal dimensions of most fixtures, you will find that most LED tube lights feature a T8 or 1 inch diameter. They can indeed be used in T12 fixtures.

How do you wire a T8 ballast in a T12 fixture?

Which is better T8 or T12 bulbs?

The smaller the lamps the more energy efficient they are. T8 bulbs use about 35% less electricity to produce the same amount of light as a T12. T5 bulbs use about 45% less energy than T12s.

Can T8 bulbs work in T12 ballast?

T8 LED lamps which are not direct-wire compatible (with ballast) will require a T8 ballast to operate, so unless the T12 ballast in the T12 fixture is replaced with a T8 ballast, a non-direct-wire compatible T8 LED lamp will not work in a T12 fixture.

How do I convert T12 to T8?

Which is brighter T5 or T8?

If you want to high bright led tube lights, you can first choose T8 led tube. because the T8 tube light is high brighter than t5 tube. T5 led tube light, which is less filled with electrons and inert gas. In contrast, If you want to creat a darker lighting environment.

Can T8 ballast run T5?

A T8 ballast is generally not compatible with a T5 linear fluorescent lamp. The pin sockets will only line up and complete a circuit in a correctly sized ballast. The exact design of each ballast differs across manufacturers. There are a few ballasts which can be rewired for T5 or T8 bulbs.

Are all fluorescent tubes the same?

All fluorescent lamps use the same technology, but there are several different variations and sizes.

What is a T8 tube?

The largest category of tube light in widely-available use, T8 tube lights measure 26mm in diameter and are often used for lighting large, wide-open spaces. They're normally seen in supermarkets, warehouses, garages and offices, although they're suitable for smaller environments that need plenty of light too.

How do you measure a T8 bulb?

What is the diameter of a T5 fluorescent tube?

T5 lamps have a diameter equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch, or 5/8". These lamps are approximately 40% smaller than T8 lamps, which are one inch in diameter, and almost 60% smaller than T12 lamps, which are 1½" in diameter. Figure 1 shows diagrams of lamp ends of T5, T8, and T12 lamps.

Can you put LED bulbs in a T8 fixture?

Type A LED tubes need an existing T8 electronic ballast to operate. All you need to do is remove the existing T8 fluorescent lamp and install a new T8 LED Type A lamp.

How do I change my T8 bulbs to LED?

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