What Do You Do When Geranium Leaves Turn Red?

What do you do when geranium leaves turn red?

What makes plant leaves turn red?

The red colour is caused by pigments called anthocyanins. Most plants have naturally low levels of these pigments and appear green most of the time. However, in certain situations these 'green' plants will produce higher levels of anthocyanins leading to a change in colour in their stems and leaves.

How do you keep geranium leaves green?

Sprinkle a bit of Epsom salt around each pot, water in. This can help the plants absorb nitrogen and boost chlorophyll production. Overwatering and underwatering can cause pale green/yellow leaves. Make sure your containers drain well.

Should I cut off red geranium leaves?

In autumn, geraniums with red leaves can be left for added fall color. However, if you wish to overwinter geraniums, you should pick off the red leaves and move the plant indoors. When cool temperatures are not the cause of red leaves on a geranium, it may be time to think about your watering habits.

What do red leaves mean?

Autumn leaves turn fiery-red in an attempt to store up as much goodness as possible from leaves and soil before a tree settles down for the winter. The worse the quality of soil, the more effort a tree will put in to recovering nutrients from its leaves, and the redder they get.

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What kind of fertilizer do geraniums need?

The recommendation for constant feed fertilizing of geraniums is generally 200 to 250 ppm of nitrogen. Experience suggests nutrient problems are minimized when a constant fertilizer program is used. Fertilizer types: 15-15-15 (Geranium Special), 15-16-17 Peat-lite, and 20-10-20 Peat-lite.

What causes rust on geranium leaves?

Geranium rust is a disease caused by the fungus Puccinia Pelargonii-zonalis. It originated in South Africa, but over the course of the 20th century it spread throughout the world, reaching the continental United States in 1967.

Can you feed geraniums with Tomorite?

Water sparingly as they don't like to be sitting in sodden compost. If you haven't added any fertiliser when planting give them a weak feed of Tomorite or other tomato food once a week, this promotes the formation of flowers.

Should I repot my geranium?

Repot in spring.

Geraniums bloom best if slightly pot-bound. Move your plant to a pot 1 to 2 inches larger or keep it in the same pot and just give it fresh soil.

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