What Did Misha Get For Janina To Make Her Happy Again?

What did Misha get for Janina to make her happy again? What does Misha try to find to make Janina happy? A pickled egg.

What happened in Chapter 34 in milkweed?

Milgrom gives both children the gift of a new comb. Misha happily combs his tangled and lice-ridden hair, but Janina refuses to open her present, so Misha combs her hair for her. She doesn't smile, but she doesn't stop him. Mr.

How does Misha leave the ghetto at the end of Chapter 19?

Misha finds something at the end of chapter 19 that allows him to get out of the ghetto. What does he find? A hole in the wall.

Who married Misha milkweed?

Vivian is a “normal, sensible person” who enjoys Misha's mad sounding talk of his past. Later she marries Misha and lives with him for five months before she leaves, pregnant with his child.

What happened to Mrs Milgrom in Chapter 32?

When Misha gets back to the Milgroms' room, he finds Janina crying in Mr. Milgrom's arms: Mrs. Milgrom has died.

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How does Misha get outside the ghetto?

They are poor. Q. In Chapter 19, how does Misha get outside of the ghetto? He walks through the gates.

What is flop in milkweed?

Flops are Jewish people who have been assigned to guard and police the population in the ghetto.

How did Misha leave the ghetto?

How did Misha get out of the ghetto? He climbed up the wall. He slipped out through the front gate when the guard wasn't looking. He found a small hole in the wall and was able to fit through it.

What does the milkweed symbolize?

Monarch butterflies and their host plants, the milkweeds, have come to symbolize the broken link between us and the natural world – and also the way to reconnect. Milkweed is the host plant for Monarchs, meaning Monarchs will lay eggs only on milkweed plants and milkweed is the sole source of food for caterpillars.

What does the milkweed plant symbolize in the book?

As the namesake of the novel, the milkweed is the book's predominant symbol of resilience and hope. It speaks not only to physical strength but also mental and emotional perseverance.

What does milkweed symbolize to Misha?

The milkweed of the novel's title symbolizes the resilience of the human soul in the barren environment of the ghetto and the survival of the soul beyond it. One day, Misha and Janina find a…

How does Mr. Milgrom pay the undertaker?

What does Mr. Milgrom pay the undertaker with? A small bottle of white pills. Misha is part of the smallest parade.

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