What Did Andrius Give Lina As A Gift?

What did Andrius give Lina as a gift? Stripped of all their worldly possessions, including jewelry and other ornaments, the deportees ooh and ah over the beautiful object. Andrius gives the stone to Lina, who derives strength from a beautiful object given to her by someone she admires. Lina in turn passes it to Jonas for comfort when he is ill.

Does Andrius give Lina cigarettes?

Andrius gives her three cigarettes for Jonas and Elena, and seems cagey when Lina asks him about his mother, quickly saying that he has to go. Andrius' care for Lina, Jonas, and Elena is expressed in his gifts of three cigarettes, which can be used to barter, trade, or simply to help her mother and Jonas calm down.

When did Andrius give Lina the stone?

Andrius found the gem by a tree when they had stopped for water. It was given to Jonas when he was sick and then he gave it back to Andrius when he found out about Andrius's mom. Then, Andrius gave the stone to Lina when they were sent off to another camp.

What does Andrius give Lina for her birthday?

On the way back to the shack, Andrius approaches Lina and gives her Dombey and Son, a Charles Dickens novel, as a birthday present.

What does Lina's father give them?

Study guide for Between Shades of Gray test

Question Answer
When they arrived at the first work camp, what happened when Lina, her mother, and their friend were digging a huge hole? (150) They were buried alive momentarily.
What did Lina's father tell Lina when she found him? (44) You can help me find you.

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What does Lina pack beside clothes?

Ch 2-5: What does Lina pack beside clothes? Shoes, extra socks, and a coat.

Do Andrius and Lina meet again?

A Soviet doctor arrives at their camp just in time to save the ailing boy. The story ends with Lina feeling some sense of hope because she and Jonas have survived the winter. The epilogue indicates that Andrius and Lina reunite and marry after the war.

Is ashes in the snow a true story?

It follows the life of a teenage Lithuanian girl deported to Siberia, who fights for survival and humanity in an Arctic forced-labor camp. According to the President, it is a true story about Lithuania's destiny, deportations, sufferings, and unconditional fight for freedom.

Do Andrius and Lina end up together?

Though Andrius and Lina are separated after Lina and her family are moved from the first camp, Lina's letter in the epilogue shows that the two survived, reconnected, and eventually married.

What is Linas mothers name in between shades of gray?

Consider and explain how Lina and her mother react to his rants. In what ways is Elena (Lina's mother) sympathetic to his condition? 2. Lina unflinchingly shares the nature of the condition in which she and the other prisoners are forced to live.

What event is between shades of gray about?

It follows the Stalinist repressions of the mid-20th century and follows the life of Lina as she is deported from her native Lithuania with her mother and younger brother, and the journey they take to a labor camp in Siberia.

What information do they learn from the letter Mrs Rimas receives?

The letters are from Mirs. Rimas' husband, meaning he is alive. He writes of a summer camp, and says it is beautiful, as described in Psalm 102. Unfortunately, the letter is in code, and when Jonas reads the passage from the Bible, it is about sadness, suffering, and starvation.

What did Kostas vilkas do for a living?

Kostas is Lina and Jonas' father, and a professor at the local university.

Where are the NKVD taking Lina and her family?

They are then separated, and Lina, Jonas, and Elena, along with the rest of their train car, end up in Siberia, where the NKVD attempt to sell them to local villagers as slaves.

What deal does Andrius and Lina make?

Andrius gives Lina 3 cigarettes outside of Mr. Stalas' hut. I think he got them from the Soviet Army.

What did Lina's mother give in order to keep Jonas?

In order to get a "little bit of privacy" their mother had taken Lina's coat from Jonas and held it as a shield.

What did Lina draw in between shades of gray?

Lina's drawings create an important connection between her life back home in Lithuania and her life in the Communist labor camps of Siberia. Lina's drawings symbolize her humanity and determination to have hope for the future despite the misery of her current situation.

What do Doon and Lina discover at the back of the room?

Explain what Doon and Lina discover at the back of the room. At the back of the room, they discover a door, and rows of boats. Why are the guards looking for Doon and Lina? Lina and Doon have been accused of spreading rumors.

Where do the guards bring Lina?

Lina books it, but the guards catch her and bring her to the Gathering Hall.

How was Andrius mother able to keep him with her?

Ch 10-5: How was Andrius' mother able to keep him with her? She lied to the officer, saying he was mental.

What does Lina see when she goes to apologize to Andrius?

Ch 45 - 1: What does Lina see when she goes to apologize Andrius? Mrs. Arvydas was sitting on a crate, crying, and Andrius sat right next to her, mad at Lina, telling her to go away.

Who is Miss grybas in between shades of gray?

Miss Grybas is a strict teacher from the school that Lina and Jonas attend. She takes charge of engaging the children so that they have something to think about apart from the horror of their situation.

How old is Lina from Ashes in the Snow?

The film Ashes in the Snow, due to be released worldwide in October 2018, is the coming-of-age tale of Lina Vilkas, a sixteen-year-old Lithuanian girl deported to a forced-labour camp in Siberia amidst the reign of terror which Stalin wrought in the Baltic States during the Second World War.

Is Between Shades of Gray and Ashes in the Snow the same book?

Based on the novel “Between Shades of Gray” by Ruta Sepetys, “Ashes in the Snow” follows 16-year-old Lina Vilkas (Bel Powley) and her family after they are exiled to Siberia under Stalin's rule during World War II.

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