What Chapter In Milkweed Does Uri Shoot Misha?

What chapter in milkweed does Uri shoot Misha? In Chapter 43, Misha explains, " I understood at last what Uri had done and what he had saved me from. I understood that the Uri I knew - the real Uri - was not the one the Nazis knew.

What happened when Misha returns to the girl's house the same day he left the bread for her?

When Misha returns the day after, the loaf of bread is gone from the doorstep. In these chapters, Uri and Stopthief's lives are dramatically changed by the arrival of the Jackboots.

Who shot Misha in the ear?

Remember, Uri shot Misha (Jack) the same ear that a jackboot had shot years previous (toward the beginning of the novel).

How old is Misha in milkweed?

Misha is described as a short and scrawny boy. He runs extremely quickly due to his size and is around eight years old at the beginning of the novel.

Why is it easy for boys to steal food in milkweed?

Why was it easy for the boys to steal food? There were many people who were very rich and always had food with them in their hands and so it was very easy for them to steal. The city was also very disorganized. How did Uri and the boys conclude that Stopthief was a Gypsy and not a Jew like them?

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What made Misha the perfect smuggler?

What makes Misha the perfect smuggler? The stealing, the speed, the size, the rash stupidity. Why does Misha try to make Janina stop smuggling? Because her father wants her to stop and the Jackboots will shoot her if she doesn't.

Why did Uri say I believe in bread when asked if he believes in angels?

He asks Uri if he believes in angels. What does Uri believe in and what does this say about Uri? Uri believes in bread. This tells us that Uri is a practical person.

Who is Jon in milkweed?

For most of the story, he wears coin bags from the bank instead of shoes. After Jon dies, Big Henryk starts wearing Jon's shoes. Jon is a boy from the gang of Warsaw street orphans. He is thin and gray and never speaks; he dies during the first winter in the ghetto.

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What happened to Misha's ear in milkweed?

Following, he sees her thrown into a boxcar by a Jackboot. Misha is hit with a club, and kicked before Uri, who appears to be a Jackboot, shoots him in the ear, taking the rest of it off.

What does milkweed symbolize to Janina?

The milkweed of the novel's title symbolizes the resilience of the human soul in the barren environment of the ghetto and the survival of the soul beyond it.

Where does Uri take the extra bread that Misha steals why does he take it to that location explain your answer?

That day, Misha snatches five loaves instead of the required one. Uri tells Misha that he is wasting and takes the extra bread to a local orphanage run by a kind man, Doctor Korczak. Inspired by this example, Misha begins to steal two loaves every day and leaves one on the porch of the little girl, Janina.

What ruined Misha's marriage?

Who ruined Misha's marriage? He had nightmares about the war and got crazy about it. How did Misha finally find peace? He finally found peace because his grandchild called him puppy noodle and it made him forget all of the other names and it was his identity and biological family.

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