What Can I Mount A Staghorn Fern On?

What can I mount a staghorn fern on? There are various materials that you can use as a staghorn fern mount: a tree outside, a piece of wood, a wire basket, or fern fiber on the side of a tree. Even the side of a rock or the side of your house or garage will do for mounting your fern.

How do you support a staghorn fern?

Chained staghorn fern plants should only be hung from large tree limbs that can support the weight of the plant and the chain. It is also important to protect the tree limb from chain damage by placing the chain in a section of rubber hose or foam rubber pipe insulation so that the chain is not touching the tree bark.

Does a staghorn fern have to hang?

Though you can find young staghorn ferns sold in pots, mature plants need to be mounted to a board or hung in a hanging basket. Because, like air plants, staghorn ferns are epiphytic plants, which means that in they grow on other plants or trees in their natural growing environments.

How do you hang a heavy staghorn fern?

Cut a pair of panty hose into long strips. Tie one end of a strip to one of the nails, then cross it over the fern and wrap it around a nail on the other side. Continue crossing the strip of panty hose over the staghorn fern until the fern is firmly attached to the board.

Why are staghorn ferns so expensive?

Why is Staghorn Fern so expensive? Staghorn fern is a rare plant species and they require optimal amounts of care for good growth. They are big beautiful plants but you need to take care of their growth requirements like favourable temperature, humidity and fertilizers during the growth period.

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How much light does a staghorn fern need?

Staghorn ferns need lots of bright but indirect or diffused sunlight. This is best achieved by placing them next to the brightest window in the house. All directions are fine, but west-facing windows might expose the fern to too much direct afternoon sun.

How much are staghorn ferns worth?

With most staghorn ferns, the older they are, the more you are going to have to pay. On average, plan on budgeting anywhere from $10 to as much as $300+. A 10-year old plant, for example, could cost around $100 to $150 while a plant that is older than 25 years can cost upwards of $500 to $1,000+.

What is the difference between a staghorn and an Elkhorn?

The difference between these two plants is the elkhorn (Platycerium bifurcatum) has thinner, wispier leaves and multiple “eyes” or rosettes of foliage whereas the staghorn (Platycerium superbum – pronounced with the emphasis on the middle syllable) has a single eye and larger leaves.

How do you attach a staghorn to a fence?

Can you over water staghorn fern?

Since the Staghorn Fern is an epiphyte that naturally grows along tree trunks in the tropics, its roots are smaller than you might expect and are easily overwatered. This can lead to root rot and harm your plant. Overwatering can also lead to fungal infections that appear as black spots on your Staghorn's fronds.

What kind of wood do you use to mount a staghorn fern?

Mounting Staghorn Ferns should be done on rot resistant wood like cedar. Because of the aggressive way that they are watered, and the fact that they are so closely connected to the wood, you need something that can last long term.

How do you keep a staghorn fern alive?

Good staghorn fern care requires frequent watering, but allow the plant medium to dry out in between. Fertilize them once per month with a 1:1:1 ration fertilizer diluted in water. The plant is prone to black spot, which is a fungal disease.

Which way do you hang a staghorn?

  • Decide which position of the plant will be the top.
  • Gently remove some of the soil from the root ball of the plant to create a flat base; keep more soil on the lower edge of the root ball so the plant will end up facing upward.

  • How do you attach a large staghorn to a tree?

    How do you plant a staghorn fern in a hanging basket?

    Hanging in a Wire Basket

    Add enough sphagnum moss so that your staghorn will sit near the top of the basket. Cutting away part of the coir liner allows the staghorn to grow through freely. Place your plant in the basket and gently bring the leaves of your plant through the edges of the basket.

    Can staghorn ferns tolerate sun?

    They can tolerate more direct sunlight when humidity and temperatures are high but also require more water when in direct light. Provide staghorn ferns with warm temperatures, plentiful moisture and excellent drainage for best results. These plants do best with normal household temperatures above 55ºF.

    Is staghorn fern fast growing?

    The growth rate of staghorn ferns depends on the species and the culture, but none grows very fast or becomes enormous. The most popular species, big staghorn (Platycerium bifurcatum), is said to be easiest to grow and its fronds can, over time, get to 6 feet long.

    Do staghorn ferns need sun?

    Staghorn ferns are epiphytes, which means they are air plants. They gladly grow on a wall mount, which lets air circulate around them. They need good-quality light, even some direct sunlight. They need some drying of the soil or medium in between watering.

    Do elkhorns like sun?

    Elkhorn Ferns can be attached to trunks of other trees or mounted on a backing board and then attached to a wall to enable easy maintenance. They need a light shade position with patches of sunlight and needs is be protected from the frost.

    How fast does staghorn fern grow?

    These bushy evergreens grow slowly, up to 4 feet tall and wide over a period of 10 to 20 years. Although summer is their most active growth and reproductive period, several environmental factors affect their normal growth rate.

    Are staghorn fern leaves fuzzy?

    They have a fuzzy white coating on the fronds that many people mistake as dust but it is actually hair projecting from the leaf surface. Do not try to remove this fuzz, the coating is actually protecting the plant from getting sunburn and is thought to inhibit moisture loss from the leaf surface.

    Are staghorn plants expensive?

    "My staghorn fern is turning yellow. What should I do?" Staghorn ferns are some of the most unusual-looking plants home gardeners can grow. They can also be expensive, so it's important to catch any problems early.

    Can you sell Staghorn Ferns?

    Elkhorn and Staghorn Ferns are available for sale from the following suppliers. Ferns and Tree Ferns, Tasmanian Tree Ferns. Ferns and Bromeliads on Tree Fern Backing Boards, Bromeliads, Kangaroo Paw, Sphagnum Moss, Hypoestes Phyllostachya, Phalaenopsis.

    How do you take care of a staghorn fern in the winter?

    Growing Staghorn Ferns in Winter

    Keep the plant in a spot that receives bright but indirect light, and water less frequently than you did during the growing season, only once every few weeks.

    How do you remove pups from staghorn?

    Removing staghorn fern pups is easy and has a very high success rate. Wait until the pup is at least 4 inches (10 cm.) across. Find the spot under the brown shield fronds where the pup is attached and, with a sharp knife, cut the pup away with some roots attached.

    Can you use Seasol on staghorns?

    For younger staghorns, a suitably diluted liquid tonic such as Seasol, a seaweed concentrate, can be applied once a month in the warm months and once every two months at other times. Dilute the Seasol with water at a ratio of 1:1000.

    Are bananas good for staghorns?

    Over-watering is one of the most common causes of staghorn-fern death and they like to be kept relatively dry in winter, especially when young, as with minimal root systems, they are prone to rotting. Water them about once a week in summer. Feeding them bananas is optional.

    How do you hang a staghorn fern without a tree?

    Place the staghorn fern in the middle, and apply a layer of peat on top to hold the potting mix inside the basket. You'll still need to use twine or nylon hose to hold everything together until the fern attaches itself securely. Turn the basket sideways so that your fern is vertical and hang the plant this way.

    How do you attach a staghorn fern to chicken wire?

    Pat the moss around the mound pulling the soil up into it and tuck it under the leaves of the Staghorn fern. Wrap the strip of chicken wire around the mound forming a basket to hold everything in. Staple this to the board and make sure your pulling the basket tight for a secure fit.

    How do you care for a staghorn fern outside?

    Optimal staghorn fern outdoor conditions are a part shade to shady location with plenty of humidity and temperatures that stay between 60-80 degrees F. (16-27 C.). Although young staghorn ferns may be sold in pots with soil, they cannot survive very long like this, as their roots will quickly rot.

    Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns?

    Up-to-date gardeners know that California's low rainfall and alkaline soil are tough on acid-loving plants. Coffee grounds act as a mulch and soil improver. A few staghorn owners even advocate using the entire banana, placing it into the paper-like platycerium that supports the main plant.

    How do you attach a staghorn fern to Driftwood?

    How do you attach a staghorn fern to a piece of wood?

    Do staghorn ferns need fertilizer?

    When to Feed Staghorn Ferns

    They are epiphytic and gather moisture and nutrients from the air with additional sources washed into the cracks their roots have grown into. That means supplemental staghorn fern feeding is necessary for optimum health. For most plants, fertilizers are used during the active growing season.

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