What Advice Does Uri Give Misha?

What advice does Uri give Misha? Later, Uri warns Misha to run from the ghetto to escape the deportation: “'Get out. Run. Don't stop running'” (p. 169).

What gift did Uri give Stopthief at the end of Chapter 7?

Though he's stealing from the girl too, this somehow feels different. One day, Uri gives Stopthief a name and a history, naming him Misha Pilsudski.

What does Misha start doing for Janina?

Misha and Janina begin smuggling food again. One day, they come across Jackboots and Flops beating some boys who are caught smuggling food.

Who dies in milkweed?

Misha and Janina find Olek hanging from a lamp post with a sign reading “I was a smuggler” on his chest. Olek's death greatly affect Misha, Uri, Kuba, and the rest of the boys. Enos is described as a “grim-faced” boy (40). He frequently expresses his disbelief in things, including angels, mothers, and oranges.

What are flops in milkweed?

Flops are Jewish people who have been assigned to guard and police the population in the ghetto.

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What happens to Mrs Milgrom in milkweed?

Milgrom is Janina's mother and Mr. She also objects to Misha hanging around with Janina, and she never lets Misha call her “Mother,” even after he's unofficially adopted into the household. Mrs. Milgrom dies of an unnamed illness one winter in the ghetto.

Why did the jackboots shoot Misha's ear off?

The Jackboots shot at Misha because they thought he was a Jew, and Jews aren't allowed out past their curfew. Even though Misha isn't a Jew, Uri told him that if they shoot at him, he is a Jew (45).

What is Janina's favorite food in milkweed?

Milgrom that she wants to go away on the train. In this section of the novel, Misha's empathy and kindheartedness is thrown in stark contrast to the world around him. Despite not knowing the definition of happiness, Misha desperately tries to find pickled eggs, Janina's favorite food, in order to make her happy again.

What does Misha find in the wall in milkweed?

It has become difficult for Misha and Janina to find food past the wall, after the bombing; the only thing they have in quantity is lice. Misha and Janina are no longer able to leave food on the table due to the strangers and sneak the food into the pockets of Mr. Milgrom and Uncle Shepsel instead.

Who are the 4 main characters in milkweed?

Milkweed Characters

  • Stopthief / Misha Pilsudski. At the beginning of the story, Stopthief is a young orphan boy living on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, stealing food to survive.
  • Janina Milgrom.
  • Uri.
  • Mr.
  • Mrs.
  • Uncle Shepsel.
  • Doctor Korczak.
  • Buffo.

  • What is one way that Mr Milgrom shows Misha He is part of the family?

    Misha's relationship with the Milgrom family shows his concern with the welfare of others. Misha does not use his smuggling skills for his own benefit. As times become more difficult, Misha thinks of the Milgrom family. He sneaks food from outside the ghetto and places it on their doorstep.

    What does Mr Milgrom do to Misha at the end of Chapter 20?

    Milgrom calmly hands Misha an extra armband and guides the family into the chaos outside. Misha has the satisfaction of helping the family he's growing to love. However, their happiness is short-lived as they're interrupted by terror outside. Since Misha's lack of an armband would raise questions, Mr.

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