Should I Cut Back Verbena?

Should I cut back verbena? While verbena plants require less pruning than other herbs and perennials, they do need some occasional trimming to keep them neat and to encourage new growth. The most intense pruning will occur in early spring. In the summer, you can remove some of the height of the plant to encourage flowers to blossom.

When should I cut verbena down?

Garden care: In cold conditions Verbena bonariensis can suffer dieback if cut back in autumn, so it's best to leave the plant until spring and cut back the old growth when you see the new shoots emerging at the base.

How do you prune a verbena bush?

The best time to prune verbena is in the spring, but if the plant starts to get too tall, it will tolerate pruning during the growing season as well. In the springtime, cut back the plant to a third of its height, advises Bachman's. Cutting it back any further can start to impair the health and vitality of the shrub.

How do you keep verbena from getting leggy?

Growing Tips

Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms. If the plants get leggy, consider cutting back verbena's trailing vines by one-third to stimulate more side branching and flowering.

How do you maintain verbena?


Although established verbenas are drought tolerant, water them regularly during extended periods of drought, especially container-grown plants. It is equally important to ensure that your verbenas are well-drained in both containers and garden beds so the roots don't sit in soggy soil.

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What do you do with verbena in the winter?

The dead stalks can be left to provide winter interest, but an autumn mulch with well-rotted manure or a covering of straw, will protect the roots from frost. Cut back the old stems in spring, as new shoots start to show at the base of the plant.

How do you get verbena to bloom again?

Some are hesitant to remove parts of the plant regularly, but this is often necessary when planting verbena for summer blooms. When blooms slow, trim the entire plant back by one-fourth for a new show of flowers in two to three weeks. Fertilize lightly following the trim and water well.

Does verbena reseed itself?

Verbenas produce copious seeds and will reseed themselves in ideal climates. However, for those that get a sustained freeze, it might be best to save seed and then sow in spring.

How tall do verbena grow?

Verbenas grow from 20cm to 2m and require sharply drained soils in full sun.

Does Verbena bonariensis come back each year?

Yes. Once you've planted verbena bonariensis, you can expect them to last for several years, providing they're properly cared for.

How do you deadhead annual verbena?

Why is my verbena dying?

If left unpruned, it may appear to be dying as it goes to seed. Overwatering is also deadly for the verbena so water only when the soil is dry. Too much fertilizer or fertilizer applied on a hot day can burn the plant's roots which can kill it.

Can verbena grow in pots?

It's easily grown in containers, and a verbena hanging basket filled with trailing varieties creates a spectacular visual accent on the patio or indoors. Whether started from seed or established plants, even novice container gardeners can grow it.

Can verbena take full sun?

Verbenas require a location that receives full sun throughout the day. They must have well-drained soil. They will not tolerate overcrowding with poor air circulation, shade or soil that stays overly moist. Most problems of verbenas occur in improper growing conditions.

Does verbena flower every year?

Annual verbena may decline quickly when summer weather turns hot and humid. In warmer areas, perennial verbenas may grow better than the annual form. Flower colours include blue, violet, purple, rose, dark red, yellow, salmon, white and many bicolours.

How do you winterize verbena?

Verbena needs higher humidity, especially the first few weeks after transplanting. Spray with a misting of water two or three times a week. If your tender perennial is already in a pot, it can remain there. Trim the plant to about one-third of its size, and bring it indoors before the first hard frost.

Can you keep verbena overwinter?

Verbena. Trailing verbenas are nearly all tender perennials so can be successfully overwintered as plants. Get plants through the winter by keeping them somewhere the temperature doesn't fall below 5°C. Bring overwintered plants into growth during early spring by raising the temperature and giving them a little water.

How cold hardy is verbena?

Verbena 'Annie! ' is a truly cold hardy, long-lived, long blooming perennial Verbena. The lightly fragrant, lavender-pink flowers start up in mid-spring and are continuous until hard frost in October. Brought into cultivation as an heirloom plant from a Minnesota garden.

What are the benefits of verbena?

The parts that grow above ground are used to make medicine. Verbena is used for sore throats and respiratory tract diseases such as asthma and whooping cough, and for heart conditions such as chest pain (angina) and fluid retention due to heart failure.

Does Verbena grow in shade?

Verbena will grow in partial shade but will not flower well.

How do you get seeds from Verbena?

Is Verbena a ground cover?

Verbena plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some have an upright growing pattern, there are several that stay very short and spread quickly by creeping along the ground. These varieties are great for groundcover, and will fill in an empty space very fast with delicate, low foliage and bright flowers.

What grows well with verbena?

Choosing a color palate for your garden is really up to your own taste, but some flowers that pair well with verbena include marigolds, nasturtiums, and zinnias.

Is verbena plant invasive?

Is Verbena bonariensis an invasive weed? Yes and no. Because Verbena bonariensis is not a native plant in the United States, and it has become naturalized in certain states, this gives it the classification of being invasive in those states. (Australia and South Africa also consider this perennial to be invasive.)

How do you propagate verbena?

How far do you cut back Verbena bonariensis?

This consists of making small cuts on the tips, about 2 inches will suffice. You can do it about 2 or 3 times throughout the season. As with the annual verbenas, the verbena bonariensis benefits a lot if you cut its withered flowers during the flowering season.

How do you keep verbena blooming all summer?

Deadhead faded flowers or blooms to ensure that blooming continues all through the gardening season. Some people do not regularly deadhead faded blooms. But, deadheading is necessary if you plant verbena for summer blooms. If the blooms slow, trim the whole plant by a quarter for a new show of flowers in 2 to 3 weeks.

How do you treat trailing verbena?

Trailing verbena plants will require a location that is well draining and receives ample sunlight. These plants will benefit from afternoon shade, as high temperatures can cause them to wilt during the day.

Why is my verbena turning brown?

Botrytis blight is most common in excessive humidity and turns flowers brown with a gray fungus. The UC IPM explains that drenching the soil promotes pythium or rhizoctonia infection, which causes root rot. Monitor the growing environment to minimize plant stress from too much or too little water.

Why do verbena leaves turn brown?

Powdery mildew, Erysiphe cichoracearum. White powdery spots or patches develop on leaves and occasionally on stems. Symptoms often first appear on the upper surfaces of the leaves and are usually most pronounced during hot, humid weather. Heavily infected leaves turn brown and shrivel.

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