Is The Repair Shop Open To Public?

Is the repair shop open to public? The Museum's Court Barn from Lee-on-the-Solent is home to BBC's The Repair Shop series and is closed for private hire (filming). When filming is taking place, the film set is not open for visitors to explore.

Can anybody take things to the repair shop?

They don't have to be antique, it can be absolutely anything, but it must have that sentimental value and it must mean something to you and it needs repairing. We want you to get in contact because we want to get these things fixed for you."

How much does it cost to go on the repair shop?

Speaking about the costs, the Head of Factual at The Repair Shop's production company, Ricochet, Rob Butterfield, explained: "We don't charge for repairs. If people wish to make a donation to a charity we're very happy with that, but it's by no means necessary." Incredible!

Can you visit the repair shop museum?

The museum is open to visitors all year round, and is a perfect tourist spot as it sits just by South Downs National Park, near Chichester. It's usually open to the public for visits, but due to Covid restrictions you can only visit for outdoor purposes at the moment.

Are the experts on The Repair Shop paid?

But are The Repair Shop experts paid? Unconfirmed. As the experts don't charge those on the show for their services, you might jump to thinking that they volunteer their time and skill – much in the vein of DIY SOS and other restoration shows.

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What is the point of Jay in The Repair Shop?

Jay Blades is a furniture restorer and presenter. He became a household name thanks to his presenting role on the BBC1 hit series, The Repair Shop. He has also presented Money for Nothing and Jay and Dom's Home Fix.

Is Will Kirk married yet?

The Repair Shop restorer is very happily married, and recently so. After having to postpone the wedding because of COVID-19, Kirk was finally able to marry his fiancé on August 6 this year.

How old is the leather lady on repair shop?

According to, Suzie Fletcher is 60 years old. Her age has never been confirmed, but she mentioned she began work as a saddler in 1975 when she was just 14.

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