Is The 321 Method Good For Ribs?

Is the 321 method good for ribs? Is 321 good for ribs? Smoking ribs with the 3 2 1 method, you'll experience good, fall-off-the-bone ribs. If you prefer your smoked pork ribs less tender, use another way of cooking them. With this ribs recipe, you can use spare ribs or baby back, so it's a great choice.

How long do ribs take at 300?

To start, you will cook the ribs for 3 hours at 300 degrees with no foil or covering. Spritz it about every 30 minutes (I use apple juice), just to make it moist. This will keep a hard bark from developing. At 3 hours, you're ready to wrap.

How can you tell if ribs are done?

Bones: When the ribs are finished cooking, the meat will draw back and expose about three-quarters of an inch of the rib bone. Quick tip: When the “knuckle” of the third rib bone begins to poke through the back of the rib, the ribs are finished.

How do you make 221 ribs?

  • Remove ribs from packaging and lay bone side up.
  • Remove membrane.
  • Light coat of mustard then Jeff's original rub (purchase recipes here) on both sides.
  • Get smoker ready to cook at 230 degrees.
  • Place ribs directly on grate boney side down for 2 hours.
  • Wrap ribs in foil or place them in foil pan and cook for 2 hours.

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