Is Pebble Dashing Expensive?

Is pebble dashing expensive? The cost of pebble dashing your home will be more expensive than painting – but the results look great and will be maintenance free.

Is pebble dash cheaper than render?

A render usually works out cheaper than a pebble dash and is easier to maintain and easier to remove and repair, therefore we would personally choose a render over a pebble dash.

How much does dry dashing cost?

How Much Does Dry Dashing Cost? The dry dashing prices normally start at around €1,995 and go up depending on the size and state of your home's exterior walls. Small or partial jobs may start at €1,295 depending — once again — on a number of factors.

How long does it take to pebble dash a wall?

Pebble Dashing the Wall

Apply the initial layer of the render with a trowel. Make a very smooth coat of render. You also may want to rake or score it to help the next layer adhere better. Leave it to dry overnight or for about 24 hours.

Is Pebble Dash old fashioned?

Pebbledash covers much of the UK's early to mid 20th century housing stock and was primarily invented to give a cheap, fairly weatherproof, low maintenance wall coating over poor quality brickwork. Pebbledash, the traditional British (and Irish) version anyway, should last between 20 and 40 years.

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Why are houses pebble dashed?

So what is pebbledash, when did we start covering our homes with it, and is it beautiful or beastly? The modern variety is a mixture of sand, cement and pebbles or aggregate (crushed stones), applied to the exterior of houses to protect them from the vagaries of British weather.

Does pebble dash devalue a house?

Pebble dash, unsightly wallpaper prints and laminate flooring are among the surprising things that could actively devalue your home by over £49,000, new research has found. Whether your house is on the market or you're keen to sell, many features can knock thousands off your asking price.

Can you take pebble dash off house?

The first way of removing Pebbledash is, quite simply, to hack it off. The risk of taking this approach is that you can damage the brickwork underneath, and there is no guarantee that you will be left with a nice, smooth wall. A third choice is to install external wall insulation over the top of the Pebbledash.

How far does a bag of pebble dash go?

Coverage: As a guide, 12kg of aggregate is required to cover 1m² of wall so a single 25kg poly bag will cover approximately 2m².

How do you make pebble dash look good?

A beneficial way of ridding the pebbledash look is by installing 20mm (or thicker, but the thicker you go, the more expensive) external wall insulation (EWI) boards over the top of your pebbledash. This is a great option because the EWI will give you added insulation, which can save you money on bills in the long run.

Should you paint pebble dash?

Unfortunately, with such a rough, bumpy surface, pebbledash isn't really suitable for painting. The various peaks, troughs and sharp edges are a nightmare to paint – and the results are rarely good. On top of that, paint is never a long-term solution outside your home.

Does Pebble Dash cause damp?

One of the main causes of penetrating damp is the occurrence of spalling brickwork, cracked cement render or pebble dash, or the face of bricks blown and detached from the surface, allowing water to soak into brickwork or substrate.

How much does it cost to render pebble dash?

Average Rendering Prices Breakdown

House Type Finish Type Avg. Cost
Detached Bungalow Pebble-Dash £4000
Terraced House Pebble-Dash £4750
Semi-detached House Pebble-Dash £5500
Detached House Pebble-Dash £6500

Can you paint pebble dash houses?

Yes, luckily you can paint over pebbledash! Having said this, it is known as one of the most difficult exterior surfaces to paint, so it is important to properly research this before undertaking to ensure you get the finish you are looking for.

Is pebble dash better than render?

Roughcast Vs Pebble Dash

If you can't decide between roughcast and pebble dash, you should know that both types of render are very durable and the costs are very similar. Pebble dash, on the other hand, cannot be painted, but it in the same vein will require less maintenance.

What are the benefits of pebble dash?

There are several advantages to applying a pebble dash finish to the outside of a property, these includes:

  • It is a low maintenance finish, with little upkeep required.
  • It's very hard wearing, and will last a long time.
  • It is an easy way to cover old, tired, or poor quality looking brick work.

  • Can you pressure wash pebble dash?

    Do not use a power washer on pebble dash. Only a low-pressure hose is safe to use. Commonly used as a decorative surface, pebble dash has been used on walkways, home exteriors and walls. It can become dirty and stained from its exposure to the elements.

    Is Harling the same as Pebbledash?

    Harling (or roughcasting) was originally applied to rough stone walls to protect them from the Scottish weather. Pebbledash is similar but the small stones are thrown onto the render after it has been applied to the wall.

    How much does it cost to Harl a house?

    Rendering Prices

    Size of House Price Time to Complete
    2 Bed bungalow £2,100-£3,000 4-6 days
    3 Bed Semi £3,800-£5,200 5-8 days
    4 Bed Detached £6,300-£7,800 1-2 weeks

    What is pebble dash poo?

    Pebble, or pellet, bowel movements aren't usually a reason to worry, but they likely mean stool is moving through your intestines at a slower pace than usual. While they may be small, these hard lumps of stool often hard to pass. They're also are one of several symptoms that occur with constipation.

    Can you render over pebble dash?

    Technically speaking, you can render over the top of pebble dash as long as it isn't damaged. However, there are a number of reasons why this isn't recommended: It could add unnecessary stress to the walls. If the backing render coats are not solid, they could fail.

    How do you devalue a property?

  • Lack of Curb Appeal.
  • Exterior of the House.
  • Outdated Kitchens.
  • Outdated Baths.
  • Taste Specific Decorating.
  • Design Specific Renovations.
  • DIY Projects Gone Awry.
  • Pets.

  • Is it worth removing pebble dash?

    For many, their hatred of pebbledash is enough of a reason to remove it. It might have become damaged: Pebbledash usually lasts for around 20 to 40 years. After this time, it may start to get damaged, which could expose your home to damp and lead to more costly renovation work later down the line.

    How do you cover pebble dash?

    A beneficial way of covering over pebbledash is by installing external wall insulation boards over the top of your pebbledash. Before applying any insulation to the pebbledashed substrate, it needs to be examined and checked, and pull-out tests will need to be carried out.

    What's the best mix for pebble dashing?

    1 part OP Cement : 1 part hydrated lime : 5 or 6 parts sand mixed with water and plasticiser and waterproofer as recommended. Use white cement to make white mortar for top coat if required and always follow manufacturer's instructions for use of plasticisers and waterproofers.

    What is the difference between dry dash and wet dash?

    What is the difference between dry dashing and wet dashing? In dry dashing, the cement and sand mixture is applied to the walls and the pebbles are stuck on. With wet dashing, the stones are added to the cement and sand mixture before it is applied to the walls.

    What is spar dash?

    Used extensively on Local Authority refurbishment projects, spar dash (also referred to as pebble dash or dry dash) gives a fresh, hard-wearing, waterproof finish. Dry dash is ideal for use on both render only projects and as a final finish for external wall insulation systems.

    How do I make my pebble dash smooth?

    The best practice is to rasp to EPS to achieve a smooth surface and remove the oily top layer, and then you can apply your render basecoat. We recommend using the Premium Basecoat for extra strength, embedding fibreglass mesh within the basecoat to ensure a strong and stable surface for the render.

    Can you paint pebble dash with a roller?

    Yes. Work methodically. Use a brush to cut in on edges and around windows and a roller for the main area of wall. Use a thick knap roller and a paint scuttle, which is like a deep, oblong bucket to put the paint in as this is the best for a heavily textured surface.

    What is the best way to paint a pebble dashed wall?

    What is the best paint for pebbledash?

    Normal masonry paint is applied in a very thin film and any repairs to the pebbledash will show through the film of paint. The long life coatings we work with are applied much thicker than normal masonry paint and so are much better at covering and hiding repair work resulting in a less patchy finish.

    How much does it cost to get the outside of your house painted?

    Homeowners report that painting a home's exterior costs an average of $3,045 with a typical range between $1,762 and $4,327. The average price per square foot ranges from $0.50 to $3.50 depending on your location, condition of your exterior and accessibility.

    What is the best masonry paint for pebbledash?

    Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint

    The paint is suitable for most dry exterior masonry surfaces including rendering, pebbledash, concrete, building blocks and brickwork, giving them a smooth waterproof, peel, dirt and mould resistant finish meaning it will stay looking good for longer.

    How do you stop damp coming through walls?

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