Is Kokomi A Catalyst User?

Is Kokomi a catalyst user? Kokomi is a 5 star hydro catalyst-user, and a healer, the first new 5 star healer in quite some time.

What is the best build for Kokomi?

Best Characters for Kokomi

Character Element
Ganyu ・Can easily set up Freeze Reactions. ・Convenient DPS for high DMG and constant enemy Freeze.
・Constant Freeze with Kokomi's Elemental Skill. ・High Burst DMG while perma-freezing

Which weapon is best for Kokomi?

Everlasting Moonglow is the best option for Kokomi. This weapon has HP% as its substat, boosts her healing bonus, and increases her normal attack damage based on her max HP. Furthermore, Everlasting Moonglow also regenerates energy after Kokomi uses her Elemental Burst. This weapon is designed explicitly for Kokomi.

Is Kokomi a DPS or support?

Kokomi is a support character before anything else, though she can fill a sub-DPS role as well. Her base attack of 18 is low by five-star standards, putting Kokomi on the same level as Sara and Aloy.

Is Kokomi only a healer?

As the party's only healer, Kokomi wants to activate her elemental skill or burst and immediately switch out to a damage dealer. Raiden Shogun's elemental skill pairs well with Kazuha, providing him with a strong damage buff to eliminate enemies even faster.

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How strong is Kokomi?

She can barely deal damage due to her negative 100 percent Critical Hit rate, meaning she can't do any critical hits. Kokomi's healing is strong, but nothing exceptional, considering that you need to pay to obtain her. Kokomi will primarily heal using her Elemental Skill, which deploys essentially a jellyfish turret.

Is Kokomi a Genshin DPS?

Kokomi is a powerful healer in Genshin Impact. Kokomi DPS Build and Support Build are generally accepted by most travelers. Her elemental burst will heal all the team members while she is dishing out damage. In Genshin Impact, Kokomi is a 5 Stars rarity Hydro character currently in S tier.

How do you make Kokomi support?

What is the best catalyst for Barbara?

Our preferred choice of catalyst is the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. If you do choose this weapon, we recommend switching Barbara in and out of combat every 20 seconds to take full advantage of the attack bonus.

Is Kokomi good Genshin impact Reddit?

Kokomi is really only a good choice when you specifically need an off-field Hydro Healer. That, however, make, understates it. That is still a really good niche to fill. Overall I expected her to be way worse than I found thru my testing.

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