Is Kokomi A 4-star Or 5 Star?

Is Kokomi a 4-star or 5 star? Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst user. Her Elemental skill works in the same fashion as Mona's, and her Burst resembles Yanfei's, or even Childe's skill. She scales with HP, and just like Zhongli, she can easily get to 50k without compromising any other desired status.

Is Kokomi Genshin Impact a 4-star?

Kokomi Banner is the Kokomi Wish Banner for Genshin Impact. Learn about the featured 4 stars & 5 star characters, release date, predictions, and schedule of Kokomi's Banner!!!

Rosaria As A Cryo Support.

Element Cryo
Rating A

Is Kokomi a four-star character?

Thus, making him one of the best 4-star characters in the game, especially in Sprial Abyss. However, Xingqiu requires constellations for consistent utility. Therefore, Kokomi's banner is great for players who wish to increase Xingqiu's versatility in Genshin Impact.

Is Garou a 5 star Genshin?

Gorou will be the 5 star character in the banner.

Can Kokomi be a DPS?

Kokomi is a support character before anything else, though she can fill a sub-DPS role as well.

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Is Thoma a 4 star?

Thoma is the newest four-star character to arrive in Genshin Impact.

Is Rosaria a 4 star?

Rosaria is a 4 Star Cryo user who uses Polearm as a weapon. She is a member of the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt.

Should I roll for Kokomi?

It is also possible that reruns will return again, and the top meta characters like Ganyu and Hu Tao will have a chance to appear. If you don't want to miss out on these, it's probably a good idea to skip pulling on Kokomi.

Who are the 4 stars on Kokomi banner?

The four-star characters to arrive with her are Xingqiu, Rosaria, and Beidou. The Kokomi banner will be live on September 21, at 6:00 p.m. UTC+8. Xingqiu is another Hydro character, and many players will certainly love to use him with Kokomi.

Is Kokomi good support?

A Hydro Catalyst with an off field Hydro Skill, Kokomi is one of the best characters for any spreading the Hydro status to enemies. She is perfect as a support and healer at Freeze comps.

What weapon is best for Kokomi?

Everlasting Moonglow is the best option for Kokomi. This weapon has HP% as its substat, boosts her healing bonus, and increases her normal attack damage based on her max HP. Furthermore, Everlasting Moonglow also regenerates energy after Kokomi uses her Elemental Burst. This weapon is designed explicitly for Kokomi.

Is Thoma 4 star or 5 star?

Thoma is a 4-Star Pyro Polearm-user you can build as a Sub-DPS or Support in Genshin Impact. Learn Thoma's stats and rankings, strengths and weaknesses, and his best weapons and artifacts in this build guide!

Is Rosaria a vampire in Genshin?

This fact alone has massively imploded the hype behind Rosaria, who is also a member of the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt. She is a nun much like Barbara, but unlike her compeers, has turned into a vampire which has forbidden her from setting foot on the holy premises.

Are Kaeya and Rosaria friends?

Kaeya and Rosaria being friends is such a big brained move like: they are both outcasts in both of their respective groups, so they bond over that. Kaeya is one of the few people that can make her smile and on rare occasions laugh. Rosaria is a good listener so it's great for chatty Kaeya.

Is Rosaria good with Diluc?

Rosaria performs well in any role, so we have included some weapons and artifacts for both DPS and support. We recommend using her in a party with Genshin Impact's Diluc if you use her in a sub DPS role, or Genshin Impact's Hu Tao when she is playing support.

Is Kokomi worth it Genshin?

Kokomi is a so-so character. She can play numerous roles including sub-DPS and healer. If you don't have a dedicated five-star healer like Jean, QiQi, or a maxed-out Barbara, Kokomi should be a great fit for your team. If you're not in need of a healer, Kokomi isn't worth your time.

Is Kokomi worth it Reddit?

Kokomi can offer good hydro support, AND healing, AND you don't need crit on your artifacts (which everyone is sick of farming) to build her up to high power. I think she'll be a solid pull for many people.

Is Kokomi healer Genshin?

As the party's only healer, Kokomi wants to activate her elemental skill or burst and immediately switch out to a damage dealer. Kokomi's elemental skill causes the wet status effect to any enemies she manages to hit.

Is Kokomi a 5 * Genshin?

As stated earlier, Kokomi is a 5-Star Catalyst user who uses ranged Hydro attacks to bombard her foes into submission. Her official weapon is called Fumetsu Gekka/Everlasting Moonglow, which appears to be tailored around healing the user.

Is Kokomi the next banner?

The next banner after Kokomi in Genshin Impact is scheduled for October 13th and will be a rerun for Childe. Tartaglia will replace Kokomi as soon as version 2.2 arrives on the above release date.

Are tohma and Ayaka engaged?

Connection to Ayaka

There is a common misconception going around on Twitter that Ayaka is romantically involved with Tohma, particularly as his fiancé. Shipping them together is fine, but there isn't any direct, credible leak that supports this. "Tohma!

Is Kokomi a catalyst?

Kokomi specializes as a Catalyst character, which enables her to bombard her enemies with some incredibly devastating ranged Hydro attacks. Healing Bonus increased by 10%, Normal Attack DMG is increased by 1% of the Max HP of the character equipping this weapon.

Is Kokomo a catalyst?

It isn't yet revealed what Kokomi's personal weapon will be in Genshin Impact. All that's known is that she's a Catalyst user who has a Hydro vision. Regardless of that, it's always possible for Kokomi to have her weapon changed like when Albedo was leaked to use a bow and ended up not using one in the final product.

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