Is Hydrogen Fuel Cheaper Than Gasoline?

Is hydrogen fuel cheaper than gasoline? Considerations. While hydrogen is a cheaper fuel than gasoline on paper, the reality is, as of 2010, it is much more expensive. The few models of hydrogen-fueled cars that are commercially available generally cost more than $100,000. Researchers are still tweaking the technology to produce and transport hydrogen fuel.

How much does it cost to fill up a Toyota hydrogen car?

Currently in the US it costs about US$16 (A$21) per kilogram of hydrogen. So filling the Mirai's 5kg tank could cost around A$105. This will let you travel 500km, which is a better range than most EVs but means your price per km is still considerably higher than a traditional petrol car.

How much does it cost to fill up a Mirai?

It costs about $16 for one kilogram of hydrogen gas. However, Toyota gives all Mirai owners a hydrogen gas card that has $15,000 on it. That's about three years of hydrogen gas covered by Toyota that you don't have to pay for!

Can you buy a Toyota Mirai?

The Toyota Mirai is the most successful hydrogen-powered car for sale in the United States, which doesn't make it practical for most buyers. The Mirai comes in two trim levels – a well-equipped XLE, with an asking price of $50,495; and a sumptuous Limited for $66,995.

How long does it take to refuel a Mirai?

Refueling times are still a bit longer than filling up on gas, it took about three minutes to fill the Mirai back up at that level. The Mirai also requires H70 pressures to get the Mirai to full, an H35 pump will only get it halfway.

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Are hydrogen cars reliable?

Fuel Cell Electric cars are as safe as conventional vehicles. Toyota has spent many years testing hydrogen-powered cars in extreme conditions and temperatures to ensure they can be used safely and reliably, just like any other Toyota.

Can I convert my petrol car to hydrogen?

Can traditional gasoline-powered cars be converted to run on hydrogen fuel cells? Yes — but it probably makes more sense to start with buses and long-haul trucks than passenger cars… The fuel cell converts the hydrogen and oxygen in the air into water, and in the process it produces electricity.

Is Mirai worth buying?

Do not buy a Mirai to save money. The car itself is expensive to buy as well as to drive on a per-mile basis. And it's going to be a hassle to find fuel. As such, Toyota will only sell one to select individuals in specific geographic areas.

How do I refill my Toyota Mirai?

Refueling Mirai is simple. There's a pump and a nozzle, just like at a gasoline station. As you pump in the hydrogen, it travels to carbon-fiber-reinforced fuel tanks where it's stored. After around five minutes, [mirai_fueling] you'll be ready to hit the road.

How much is a 2021 Toyota Mirai?

2021 Toyota Mirai

How long does it take to fuel a hydrogen car?

Hydrogen-powered vehicles don't need charging like a Battery-Electric car. You refuel them with hydrogen gas, pumped in the same safe and convenient way you would a conventional petrol or diesel car. Filling up takes the same amount of time too, between 3-5 minutes for a full tank.

How fast is the Toyota Mirai?

We timed the 2021 Toyota Mirai to 60 mph in 7.4 seconds, nearly two seconds quicker than Toyota's own 9.2-second estimate.

Is Honda Clarity a hydrogen?

The Honda Clarity, initially available as a plug-in hybrid, a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, and an EV, will end production in August 2021.

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