Is Compost Water Good For Plants?

Is compost water good for plants? Gardeners create compost piles to turn food scraps from the kitchen into an organic soil amendment. Well-aged compost is full of the nutrients plants need to thrive. However, water that runs off of a pile that has not matured yet can cause damage to sensitive plants and local waterways.

Can you use the liquid from compost bin?

All compost bins and heaps produce leachate. This is the liquid that seeps from the decomposing organic material and can be a significant pollutant when composting is undertaken on a commercial scale. If it has a acidic or fruity odour and is yellowish liquid it should not be used as a fertiliser on plants.

Can ketchup be composted?

Ketchup is an acidic substance with certain moisture level. Therefore, it makes a very good additives to a compost pile, particulary, for odor suppression. As a summary, you can add the ketchup you have into a food waste composting pile at the early thermophilic stage.

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