Is Ayaka Better Than Xiao?

Is Ayaka better than Xiao? Ayaka's strength

Ayaka, being a Cryo DPS, would benefit from reaction damage as well, it is not that hard to understand the logic here. Xiao is considered a great DPS character by many Genshin Impact players, so for there to be some leakers claiming that Ayaka's DPS will surpass Xiao's is quite impressive.

Will Ayaka be better than ganyu?

It is good to put Ayaka in the double Cryo character team. Ganyu is easier to match the team. If you played this game for a while and build some DPS. Ganyu's elemental skills can attract the monsters' attention, it is very useful in game.

Is Ayaka support or DPS?

- Ayaka will be the main DPS dealing powerful Cryo blows to the enemies. - Kaeya will provide additional Energy making Ayaka able to spam her Burst. - Barbara will provide healing and can also spread hydro for Freezing. - Anemo Traveler can give Cryo Debuff and Crowd Control Enemies.

Will Ayaka be main DPS?

Ayaka's abilities make it clear she was designed to be a main DPS character. This ability has three levels, dealing 8%, 16%, and 28% elemental damage bonus depending on which attacks Ayaka uses and how much energy she has left.

Is Ayaka any good Reddit?

Ayaka is a really good main dps. Go for it. If your playing for meta then hold off for Ganyu but even then the extra dps she'll be putting out will not be much different to Ayaka unless you hyper invest and have the team units to bring out Ganyu's strengths.

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Is ganyu worth pulling?

So, should you pull for Ganyu? That depends. She's absolutely worth it, but given there's only a 0.6% chance of pulling a five-star in a banner — of which there are several others — you have to figure out the odds of you having enough primogems to get her.

Is Xingqiu good with Ayaka?

Xingqiu is one of the best 4-star supports in the game. He works well with almost everyone because of his amazing Hydro application, as well as the damage on his Elemental Burst. Xingqiu's Elemental Skill is also useful in conjunction with Ayaka.

Does Ayaka do physical damage?

There are plenty of Swords offering attack power boosts. As Ayaka is a Cryo damage dealer, make sure to choose Attack Power over Physical Damage. The Genshin Impact 2.0 Mistsplitter Reforged Sword will be a perfect choice to boost Ayaka's Elemental Abilities.

Is Deathmatch good for Baal?

Deathmatch. Deathmatch is a good option for Raiden Shogun whether Genshin Impact players want her to be a DPS or support character. Although it has a low base attack of 454 at level 90, it provides a 36.8% Crit Rate for the secondary stats.

Is the new craftable sword good for Ayaka?

F2P enthusiasts may have a harder time choosing a sword for Ayaka to use, but it seems that she can perform surprisingly well with the newest craftable 4-star sword, the Amenoma Kaeguchi. The reason that the Amenoma Kaeguchi is a good weapon on Ayaka is due to its passive synergizing very well with her Elemental Burst.

Is Ayaka a good DPS Reddit?

Ayaka's charged attacks do a huge amount of damage and so does her skill. She also fits the role of a Sub DPS very well in a composition with Ganyu because of her excellent skill and burst. She's both. She is super strong as main dps too, pair her with mona,kazuha,rosaria and enemies get obliterate real quick.

Should I pull for ganyu or Xiao?

If you are lacking a strong unit that can dish out damage then you should wait for Xiao and in case you need an 'off-field' Cryo support then Ganyu is your best bet.

Is Xingqiu or Mona better for Ayaka?

For a permanent freeze-comp, Mona is arguably the best support for Ayaka following with Xingqiu. Ayaka's ability to spam Cryo damage from her elemental skills, burst, and sprinting skills will work great with Mona's elemental burst Omen. Xingqiu also has his own advantage with Ayaka with his elemental skill and burst.

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