How Wide Does Arborvitae Get?

How wide does arborvitae get? Depriving it of irrigation can restrict its size to about 4 feet in height, with a spread of half that. Otherwise, it can reach 10 to 15 feet tall x 5 to 7 feet wide. Overall, its growth rate is average.

How far apart should arborvitae be?

The recommended spacing for Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees is 2-3 feet apart if you are using it for privacy. If you want quicker privacy, plant them about 2 feet apart. Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees typically grow about 3-4 feet wide.

How do I make my emerald green arborvitae wider?

  • Trim surrounding and overhanging trees that shade your arborvitae.
  • Prune the scaly leaves on the sides of arbs with a hand pruner in early spring.
  • Fertilize arborvitae annually with the same nitrogen-rich fertilizer you use for your lawn.
  • How long does it take for Emerald Green arborvitae to grow?

    About Emerald Green Arborvitae Varieties

    Emerald Green eventually grows 12-15 feet (3.7-4.5 m.) tall and 3-4 feet (9-1.2 m.) wide, reaching its mature height in 10-15 years. As a variety of Thuja occidentalis, Emerald Green arborvitae are members of the eastern white cedar family.

    What is the narrowest arborvitae?

    Thin Man™ arborvitae is a great choice for screens and hedges. Its narrow habit makes it easy to fit into landscapes, where it provides four season privacy. Fast growing and holds its color well through winter.

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    What is the smallest arborvitae?

    Holmstrup – 5-6′ tall in 10 years, eventually growing to 10-15′. The dense conical habit makes this a good foundation shrub for corner plantings or a hedge. This is probably the smallest of all the upright arborvitaes.

    How far from my property line should I plant emerald green arborvitae?

    How many arborvitae do I need for 30 feet?

    If they are standard, I would recommend 5' apart on center. That would be 21 arborvitae. They can ultimately reach 30 feet high and 6' wide.

    How far apart should Emerald Cedars be planted?

    Ensure Proper Spacing

    With proper care, these trees grow at a rate of 8-12 inches per year. For proper Emerald Green Cedar spacing for privacy hedges, use 18-24 inch between plants.

    What is the best time of year to plant arborvitae?

    The best time to plant arborvitae is in the early spring. This gives the arborvitae plenty of time to establish its roots and new growth before the winter. Plant arborvitae in early spring for best results.

    How much does an 8 foot arborvitae cost?

    Nursery Shrubs / Evergreens available for 2021

    Green Giants Arborvitae
    Arborvitae 6-7 feet Heffy $125.00
    Arborvitae 7-8 feet $175.00
    Arborvitae 8-10 feet $250.00
    Arborvitae 10-11 feet $350.00

    How tall do Arborvitaes grow in a year?

    Just how fast does this species grow? Each species has its own growth rate, but some grow a full 3 feet (1 m.) or more each year and achieve soaring heights of 15 or 20 feet (4.5 to 6 m.) tall. The fact that they are evergreen means that the privacy protection or wind block lasts all year long.

    What evergreens grow tall and narrow?

  • 13 Narrow Evergreen Shrubs For Gorgeous Landscaping. Garden Inspiration / Plants / Shrubs.
  • 1. Japanese Plum Yew.
  • Upright Yew.
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae.
  • Hetzi C0lumnar Juniper.
  • 'Dee Runk' Columnar Boxwood.
  • DeGroots Spire Arborvitae.
  • 7. Japanese Holly.

  • Are there evergreen trees that stay small?

    Dwarf evergreen trees make great privacy screening without growing too large. The small stature of these plants make them easy to plant; there's no wrestling with a huge root ball or long branches. The compact evergreen trees on this list are low maintenance and tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions.

    What kind of evergreen grows tall and narrow?

    The best columnar trees are:

    The Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is a fast-growing tall, slender tree that has lush dark green foliage. The Emerald green arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd') is a narrow evergreen tree with a pyramid shape that grows to about 15 ft. (4.5 m) tall.

    What is the widest arborvitae?

    Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii'

    This tree forms a large globe shape, sometimes with its width exceeding its height. It can grow to a maximum of ten feet tall and fifteen feet wide.

    How tall and wide do arborvitae grow?

    Mature height/spread:

    The mature size of an arborvitae depends on the species and cultivar. Some low-growing shrubs are under 3 feet tall. Large trees can exceed heights of 70 feet and widths of 25 feet.

    Is there a dwarf variety of arborvitae?

    The Danica arborvitae is a true dwarf variety. When fully grown, this tree-turned-shrub will only reach two feet off the ground. It makes an excellent accent in gardens and grows well in pots. This dwarf arborvitae is slow-growing.

    Can you keep emerald green arborvitae small?

    Unlike many arborvitaes, "Emerald Green" arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis "Emerald Green" aka "Smaragd") maintains a compact size, growing only 15 feet high by 3 to 4 feet wide. Planted in a pot, it remains even smaller and makes a striking evergreen container plant at an entryway or on a patio.

    How do I keep my Green Giant small?

    They will need to be pruned each year after the annual growth hardens off. Start at the top reducing the height as much as possible, then prune the sides from the top down. Attempting to or keeping them approximately 1/4 their normal size will likely shorten their lives.

    How close to a fence can you plant emerald green arborvitae?

    I chose Emerald Green arborvitaes for my privacy tree. It's recommended to plant them 3′-4′ apart to form a privacy hedge when full grown.

    Can I plant arborvitae close together?

    Although arborvitae, when grown next to each other, make a good hedge or fence, make sure they are properly spaced apart. Planting them too close together will prevent them from growing as they should because they will all be competing for the same minerals and nutrients in the soil.

    Can you plant arborvitae near a fence?

    Arborvitaes are attractive evergreen trees that make an excellent privacy hedge, border or screen. "Emerald Green" arborvitaes have a narrow pyramidal habit and are a good choice for fence coverage. They reach 15 feet high at maturity and have a 4-foot spread.

    How far apart do you plant Thuja?

    We recommend 8 feet between each plant and 4 feet between rows but you can experiment with this. Just makes sure that each tree is 5 feet away from another. Example of Thuja Green Giant Staggered Row Spacing.

    What is the difference between emerald green and Green Giant arborvitae?

    Emerald Green arborvitae grows much more narrow than Green Giant, and to a fraction of the height. Emerald Green is most effective used for privacy on smaller properties, or when a taller plant is not required. Because they grow more narrow, more plants must be used to provide an effective screen.

    How far from my fence Should I plant Green Giant arborvitae?

    If your screen or hedge is against a building, plant 6 feet from the wall, to protect the foundations. If you are planting against a fence, plant 3 feet from the fence so that the lower part of the plants remains bushy and the hedge remains on your side of the property line.

    How tall is a 2.25 gallon arborvitae?

    Enhance your purchase

    Brand Shrub
    Sunlight Exposure Full Sun
    Expected Planting Period Year Round
    USDA Hardiness Zone 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    Expected Plant Height 30 Feet

    What is a Brandon arborvitae?

    The Brandon Arborvitae is a narrow, densely branched, cone-shaped arborvitae selected for its use on the open prairie. Excellent as a specimen or tall evergreen hedge with good winter-burn resistance.

    Can you plant arborvitae in planter boxes?

    Arborvitae is a good choice for landscape gardening or border plant but it does fairly well in the container too! Growing as a shrub or tree, it's easy to keep Arborvitae contained when you grow it in a container. Also, it's easy to relocate or transplant the plant when it's grown in containers.

    How tall is a 2 gallon emerald cedar?

    At Maturity)

    Are all emerald green arborvitae the same?

    The Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja) was originally developed in Denmark which is why you see 'Smaragd' (the danish word for emerald) instead of 'Emerald Green' sometimes. Yes, it is the same tree. This evergreen is a very popular privacy tree and it is easy to see why.

    How far from a fence should I plant a cedar tree?

    The species should be planted with the trunk of the tree 6 to 12 feet away from the fence.

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