How Should We Sleep During Acidity?

How should we sleep during acidity? Sleep on your left side.

Sleeping with your left side down reduces reflux episodes19 and exposure of the esophagus to stomach acid. Sleeping in other positions, including on your back, can make reflux more likely20.

Which side should we sleep to avoid acidity?

Due to gravity, the shape of the stomach, and the angle of the connection between it and the esophagus, sleeping on your left side can greatly reduce reflux (see bottom picture). Another way to use gravity to help decrease nighttime GERD symptoms involves propping up the head section of the bed by about six inches.

Can I take paracetamol for acid reflux?

It's safe to take paracetamol at the same time as Gaviscon. But do not take other painkillers, like ibuprofen or aspirin, with Gaviscon without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first. These can make your symptoms worse.

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