How Much Money Does DanTDM Make?

How much money does DanTDM make? In 2017, Middleton topped the Forbes list of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars, earning $16.5 million (about GB£12.2 million) in one year. As of June 2021, his YouTube channel has reached over 25.3 million subscribers, 18 billion video views, and has posted more than 3,490 videos.

How did DanTDM get rich?

DanTDM makes money in the following ways…

YouTube ad revenue. Video sponsors (Telltale Games, Best Fiends, Disney, etc). Brand deals (Trapeze). Revenue from Twitch (donations, subscriptions, advertisement, sponsorships).

How rich is Ali A?

Ali-A net worth: Ali-A is a British video producer and vlogger who has a net worth of $3 million. Ali-A was born in November 1993. He is best known for his YouTube channel Ali-A which has more than 11 million subscribers. He is known for commentaries on games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite Let's Play.

How rich is Stampylongnose?

As per, Garrett has an estimated net worth of $16 million. However, states that as of 2021, his net worth is approximately £11 million pounds ($14 million dollars).

Is DanTDM the richest YouTuber?

DanTDM, the world's highest-earning YouTuber, has told Victoria Derbyshire he feels "loads" of responsibility to his young fans and their parents. The 26-year-old made more than £12m over the past year. He became successful by streaming videos of himself playing Pokemon and Minecraft.

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Is DanTDM still popular?

With so many young people finding inspiration in DanTDM — at 14.9 million subscribers he's one of the most popular YouTube creators in the world — we thought parents might also find inspiration from him.

Is Alia married YouTube?

On 6 June 2017, the BBC referred to Aiken as a "YouTube megastar".

Spouse(s) Claire Siobhan ​ ​ ( m. 2021)​
YouTube information
Also known as Ali-A
Channels Ali-A MoreAliA Clare & Ali

Why did Lee leave Stampys world?

He denied the allegations in a future statement he posted on his YouTube and Gyazo accounts on 25th May 2018. This caused him to leave the Lovely World series, as he did not want to destroy Stampy's reputation as a family-friendly YouTuber and his success.

Who is stampy's girlfriend?

Joseph Garrett
Spouse(s) Kye Bates ​ ( m. 2019)​
YouTube information
Also known as Stampy Cat, stampylonghead, stampylongnose, Stampy
Channel stampylonghead

Is DanTDM the best Youtuber?

#1 DanTDM. When it comes to subscribers, DanTDM is the king of the Minecraft content space, boasting a whopping 24.1 million subscribers on YouTube. DanTDM has been producing Minecraft on YouTube for years, and simply has not yet slowed down.

Is DanTDM an EBOY?

Who started let's plays?

The format of Let's Plays is credited to Something Awful forum user Michael Sawyer under his username alias "slowbeef". Sawyer stated that the format he adopted came from an earlier playthrough by forum user "Vlaphor" for I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

Who is the first Roblox YouTuber?

90-year-old Hamako Mori has been named by Guinness World Records as the planet's oldest gaming Youtuber. Hamako shares videos of herself playing different video games via her Youtube channel, Gamer Grandma, which has over 150,000 subscribers.

Who is the first gamer in YouTube?

The oldest videogames YouTuber is Hamako Mori (Japan, b. 18 February 1930) aka Gamer Grandma, who is 89 years and 280 days old, in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan, as verified on 25 November 2019. Hamako Mori has been playing video games for more than 38 years.

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