How Many Varieties Of Avocado Are There?

How many varieties of avocado are there? It has over 500 varieties that vary in fruit size, texture, shape, and maturity rate. The avocado tree can survive over 400 years and is native to South Central Mexico.

What is Type A and Type B avocado trees?

Type A avocados bloom with their female reproductive parts available first, and do so in the morning. Type B avocado flowers also open in the morning, but in their male phase. Then, each of them pull a switcheroo – and the flowers open as the opposite sex the following day in the afternoon.

Which country produces the best avocado?

Mexico harvested some 2.3 million tons of avocados in 2019, making that country the top producer of avocados worldwide.

What is the largest avocado variety?

The world's largest avocado has just premiered Down Under. Dubbed "Avozillas" -- these souped-up avocados are about five times bigger than a regular one. These enormous avos originally hail from South Africa, but a farming family is growing them in Queensland, reports CNN affiliate 9News.

What are Type A avocado trees?

Type A avocado trees produce avocados that are dark green, with thick, bumpy skin. Hass is a type A avocado, and other Type As resemble a Hass avocado. In fact, many other Type As are descended from the Hass avocado.

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What are the big avocados called?

The Monroe is a large avocado that can weigh over 2 pounds (910 grams). It's a firmer variety and has less watery flesh.

What is the avocado capital of the world?

San Diego is Avocado Heaven. Home to 90% of the nation's crop California is the largest grower of domestic avocados. San Diego County, which produces 60% of all California avocados, is the acknowledged avocado capital of the nation.

How big does a Hass avocado tree get?

How big does a Hass avocado tree get? Hass avocado trees can grow up to 30 feet tall in the ground and 7 feet tall in a container.

How much does an avocado tree grow per year?

Healthy avocado trees (Persea americana ) don't grow slowly. In fact, these evergreens grow about 36 inches per year. Pruning out large branches to try to control growth only promotes the tree to grow taller.

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