How Fast Does Chinese Evergreen Plant Grow?

How fast does Chinese evergreen plant grow? A typical, healthy Chinese evergreen plant will grow to be about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide. These plants are slow-growing, so they will take a few years to reach their full size.

Is Chinese evergreen slow-growing?

The Chinese evergreen starts out small enough to fit on desks and tabletops, and will remain there for a while because it's a slow-growing plant. Also, even though this plant tolerates a lot, it will thrive if exposed to medium to bright, indirect light.

Can you grow a Chinese evergreen in water?

Most people wonder whether Chinese evergreen plant, or aglaonema, can be cut and placed in water for rooting. The answer to this question is as simple as that – Aglaonema rooting with water is possible. However, while this plant is easy to root in water, planted-in-soil water roots do very poorly.

When should I fertilize my ZZ plant?

It's best to water ZZ plant when the top inch or so of the soil dries. Fertilize ZZ plant once every six months or so with a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for use on houseplants. You can also fertilize more frequently if you want your plant to grow larger and faster.

Why is my Chinese evergreen losing leaves?

Chinese Evergreens most commonly get yellow leaves due to overwatering, low light, pests, or aging foliage.

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Can Chinese evergreen go outside?

Chinese evergreens perform very well as houseplants or grown out of doors in a shady bed in frost-free areas. Chinese evergreens require an evenly moist soil environment and high humidity. Aglaonema cannot tolerate dry air.

How long does it take aglaonema to root?

The plant should establish new roots in four to six weeks. After that point, care for the new plant as usual.

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