How Expensive Is A Fuel Cell Car?

How expensive is a fuel cell car? The 2021 Toyota Mirai starts at $50,455, while the 2020 Mirai will empty your bank account to the tune of $59,545. For those looking for a more premium Mirai experience, Toyota has introduced a Limited trim level for 2021 that starts at $66,955.

How much does a tank of hydrogen fuel cost?

Hydrogen is expensive: We paid $16.70 per kilogram, and the Mirai's tank holds 5.6 kg. For those of you not mathematically inclined, that's a $93.52 fill-up if your Mirai is running on fumes.

How much does a Toyota hydrogen car cost?

But it is powered by hydrogen, which is commercially available at only 44 fueling stations in America…all but two of them in the Golden State. The Mirai comes in two trim levels – a well-equipped XLE, with an asking price of $50,495; and a sumptuous Limited for $66,995.

How much does a 2021 Toyota Mirai cost?

2021 Toyota Mirai

How much is it to fill up a Mirai?

They work like a petrol station, you chuck in the pump, fill up the tank, pay and go. It's faster than charging an EV, but it's also way more expensive. Currently in the US it costs about US$16 (A$21) per kilogram of hydrogen. So filling the Mirai's 5kg tank could cost around A$105.

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How much does a fuel cell cost per kwh?

Electricity produced by fuel cells costs $0.14 to $0.15 per kilowatt-hour, the most commonly used measurement of energy prices. In contrast, coal-generated power costs between $0.07 and $0.15 while natural-gas power is cheaper yet at between $0.06 and $0.09.

Are hydrogen cars better than electric?

This means that a hydrogen car can be taken from empty to full in a few minutes at a fuel pump, like a petrol or diesel car – so in this way they're better than electric cars, as it's convenient.

Do hydrogen kits for cars really work?

It can't work. As in - not possible. It cannot save fuel or money. Chemical energy in the fuel turns into rotating kinetic energy in the alternator, which turns into electrical energy in the battery, which turns into chemical energy in the hydrogen generator.

Does Toyota sell a hydrogen car?

The Toyota Mirai (from Mirai (未来), Japanese for "future") is a mid-size hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) manufactured by Toyota, and represents one of the first FCV automobiles to be mass-produced and sold commercially. As of December 2019, global sales totalled 10,250 Mirais.

Is Toyota Mirai all wheel drive?

Built on the rear-wheel drive GA-L platform that also underpins the larger Lexus LS sedan, the 2021 Toyota Mirai makes a major design departure from the front-wheel drive first-generation version. The body is lower, longer, and wider, with its bolder stance accentuated by standard 19-inch alloy wheels.

Does Mirai qualify for federal tax credit?

The 2021 Toyota Mirai is a stonking deal if you live in one of the few areas of this country with a hydrogen refueling station. The U.S. government will hand you an $8,000 federal tax credit, and the state of California (the only state you can buy the Mirai in) will shovel another $4,500 your way next tax season.

Is the Toyota Mirai Electric?

The new Mirai is the second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle from Toyota. It offers more performance, a sleeker and more dynamic design and new driving dynamics compared to the first-generation product.

Does the Toyota Mirai run on water?

The Toyota Mirai runs on hydrogen, a newer innovation in eco-friendly vehicles. Their only byproduct is water. The technology and design are undoubtedly sophisticated, but the necessity of “flushing” the car has some laughing — and asking important questions.

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