How Does Misha Change In Milkweed?

How does Misha change in milkweed? Misha's identity evolves through the novel, and he desperately seeks somewhere he can belong. He finds a home with Uri and the orphan boys, and also with the Milgroms. After they are gone, however, Misha is lost. He is forced to re-evaluate his own identity.

How does Misha end up living in the ghetto?

In this story, bombs and hateful Polish farmers separate Misha's family until he winds up as an orphan in Warsaw. While Misha is smuggling, he ends up in a garden where he meets a girl named Janina. Eventually all Jewish people in Warsaw including Misha, Janina, and the gang of boys are moved into the ghetto.

How does the main character of the story meet URI?

The main character of the story meets Uri when the main character steals a loaf of bread from a rich lady, and Uri is chasing after him since he was just getting ready to snatch it for himself (2). The main character meets the group of boys at a stable filled with horses that Uri brings him to (4).

What do URI and the other boys say Stopthief is?

We learn that Stopthief is a gypsy. Why do the people in the streetcar tell the boys to get off?

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