How Do You Make Purple Heart Purple Again?

How do you make Purple Heart purple again?

  • finish sand your piece.
  • wet with acetone thoroughly.
  • set piece in full bright sun.
  • flip piece every 30 min.
  • re-wet with acetone each time you flip.
  • repeat cycle for 3-4 hours.
  • let piece rest indoors for an additional day or more before finishing. (
  • How do you get the color back in purple heart wood?

    What is the best finish to put on purple heart wood?

    So, how do we go about finishing purpleheart wood? Use a clear shellac sanding sealer as a base coat. And then apply a clear lacquer finish over it. Both shellac and clear lacquer do not yellow with age, (unlike polyurethane), so they'll keep purpleheart wood looking vibrant.

    What tree does purple heart wood come from?


    Color Brownish-Purple to Eggplant
    Source Purpleheart Tree (Peltogyne)
    Hardness 1860 on the Janka scale

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