How Do You Keep Hanging Ferns Alive Outside?

How do you keep hanging ferns alive outside?

  • Water ferns regularly to avoid dry soil. You never want sopping wet soil, but consistently keeping the top five inches of your soil moist is the key to a healthy fern.
  • Fertilize as needed.
  • Monitor for pests.
  • How long can Boston ferns stay outside?

    Considered perennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 to 11, they may stay out all year where temperatures seldom drop below 45 degrees F, but must be brought indoors if threatened by frost.

    How often should I water my outdoor Boston fern?

    Water the fern when the soil becomes damp. Do not allow the soil to dry out. This may mean watering twice a week or daily in hot weather. The frequency will change depending on the temperature and moisture in your home.

    How do you keep a Boston fern alive?

    Situate Boston ferns indoors in bright, indirect sunlight away from drafty doors and heating vents. Provide as much humidity as possible and carefully monitor the soil to ensure plants stay consistently moist. You can set the plants on pebble trays filled with water, so long as the pot does not sit in standing water.

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