How Do You Fix Brown Leaves On Gardenias?

How do you fix brown leaves on gardenias? Water – Allowing the soil to dry out causes brown spots on gardenia flowers and buds that drop off before they bloom, so keep the soil around the shrub moist at all times. Water the plants regularly but keep the leaves and flowers dry by applying the water directly to the mulch that surrounds the plant.

Why are the leaves on my gardenia turning brown?

Brown leaves or brown spots are usually due to: Poor drainage: Gardenias love to be moist, but not soaking wet. Be sure the plant is allowed to drain thoroughly between waterings. Pests: Check your plants for pests underneath the leaves, in the soil, and on the stems.

How often should gardenias be watered?

Gardenias need at least an inch of water a week, whether from rainfall or a hose. Apply mulch to a depth of two to four inches to help keep moisture in the soil and control water-hogging weeds. Don't let the plants become completely dry before you water, and water regularly.

Do gardenias like heat?

Although gardenias need daytime heat, if the nighttime temperatures are warm and exceed 60 to 62 degrees, the buds may form, but not develop. Then if we suddenly get a few cooler nights, the buds may drop off. Gardenias prefer good drainage, regular watering and acidic soil.

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