How Do I Make My Avocado Tree Bushy?

How do I make my avocado tree bushy? If you grow an avocado plant from seed, the shoot typically grows into a single, spindly stem. When it reaches 6 to 8 inches in height, remove half its height to prompt the plant to branch out. When each new branch reaches 8 inches, pinch off each growing tip to encourage a second round of branching.

How do you pinch off an avocado leaf?

How do you train an avocado tree?

Train columnar cultivars at a young age; other cultivars need little to no training. Early training limits the height of the tree, encouraging it to produce fruit closer to the ground and form a round shape. Train avocado trees before bloom, in late winter or early spring.

Do I have to cut back my avocado sprout?

Your seed should start to develop roots and a sprout in two to eight weeks. When the stem is about seven inches tall, prune your avocado plant by cutting it down to about three inches.

Why do you cut avocado stems?

Pinching out simply means cutting back the stem to promote new multiple stem growth in a Y shape. This allows the plant to become shorter and bushier as it grows indoors instead of continuing to grow as a singular tall stem with only a few leaves at the top.

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