How Do I Know When My Compost Is Ready?

How do I know when my compost is ready? Generally compost is ready to be harvested when the finished product is a rich dark brown color, smells like earth, and crumbles in your hand. Some signs that it may not be ready include: Recognizable food content still visible. The pile is still warm.

Can compost sit too long?

Bagged compost can smell, degrade, and lose nutritional value if allowed to sit for too long. Try to use bagged compost within a year of purchase. If it has been stored throughout the winter, you may notice the following issues. Compost will continue to break down after it has been bagged.

Can you plant in just compost?

You cannot grow plants in compost only because the material is too light and will cause the water to drain too fast. The soft and crumbly texture will not provide good support to the plant's roots and cause it to topple over. The compost can lead to excess nutrients making it toxic for the plants.

Can I use compost that is not ready?

Unfinished compost should only be used as a mulch in the growing season, but may be dug into the garden beds during fall and winter to allow for decomposition before the growing season.

Can I put old potting soil in my compost?

Compost It. Old potting soil can easily be added to a compost pile, though any small, white pieces of perlite will remain, even after the compost is finished. I'm careful to ensure my compost pile has a good mixture of ingredients to help it decompose at a good clip and create a balanced compost.

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