How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Cucumbers?

How do I keep bugs from eating my cucumbers? Elevating the leaves and vines of your cucumber plant will also help protect them from insects. Plant herbs and flowers around your tomato and cucumber plants. Basil helps ward off whiteflies, which are harmful to tomatoes, and oregano can help protect tomato and cucumber plants.

What is good to plant with cucumbers?

CARROTS, PARSNIPS, RADISHES and ONIONS are good choice for cucumber companion planting as they do not encroach on each other's territory. The root vegetables primarily grow beneath the soil, whereas cucumbers send down one larger tap root and also a few shallow roots that don't extend far.

What plants do cucumber beetles not like?

You can use your normal straw or hay mulch or use the foliage from plants that repel cucumber beetles like radishes, tansy and nasturtium. You can also plant radishes, tansy and nasturtium amongst your cucurbits to make them less inviting to cucumber beetles.

What eats holes in cucumbers?

Holes in cucumbers are mainly caused by pickle worms which tend to burrow into the fruit leaving holes in their trail. Fungal or bacterial diseases often develop once entry has occurred. Pickle worms are the larval stage of the pickleworm moth. Once inside, the larvae can fully devour the fruit then attack the vines.

Are coffee grounds good for tomatoes and cucumbers?

Coffee grounds contain around 2% nitrogen, and variable amounts of phosphorus and potassium, which are the core nutrients vital for tomato plant growth. As the grounds decompose, they will release these nutrients into the soil, making them available to the plant.

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Can zucchini and cucumbers be planted together?

Cucumbers and zucchinis are from the same family -- Cucurbitaceae, or the squash family -- so these cousins can be planted together in your vegetable garden.

Does planting marigolds keep bugs away?

Marigolds – The marigold is probably the most well-known plant for repelling insects. French marigolds repel whiteflies and kill bad nematodes. If you choose marigolds for your garden they must be scented to work as a repellant. And while this plant drives away many bad bugs, it also attracts spider mites and snails.

Do marigolds repel cucumber beetle?

Interplant susceptible crops with fragrant tansy, catnip or marigolds, said to deter adult beetles. The cover will keep the beetles off. Lift the covers and check the plants often, squish any beetles, and look on the underside of the leaves for eggs and larvae, squish those too.

Do marigolds help with cucumber beetles?

Attract beneficial insects: Planting flowers, such as marigolds, calendula, sunflower, daisy, alyssum, or dill nearby can attract beneficial insects that attack and eat cucumber beetles. Insecticidal soaps: Insecticidal soaps will kill the beetles, but must be applied on a regular basis in heavy infestations.

What can I spray on cucumber beetles?

Other organic methods for killing Cucumber Beetles:

  • NEEM Oil – this is the first thing I tried.
  • Delay planting – planting your cucumber plants a little later in the season is another way to foil cucumber beetles.
  • Row covers – The aren't that hard to make and they are effective.

  • Does Epsom salt help tomato plants?

    Drenching with Epsom salt improves the overall health of tomato plants by giving them a good dose of magnesium. You're essentially fertilizing tomatoes with Epsom salts. Apply as a foliar Epsom salt spray for plants using the same 1 or 2 tablespoons in a gallon of water, every 2 weeks for a boost.

    Why do bottom leaves turn yellow on tomato plants?

    If you only see a few yellow tomato leaves toward the bottom of the plant, you usually have nothing to worry about. This normally means these leaves aren't getting the nutrients they need from the soil or they aren't getting enough sunshine. It could be something as simple as a lack of nitrogen in your soil.

    What will cucumbers cross pollinate with?

    Cucumber can cross-pollinate with other varieties of cucumbers in the sativus family. Other plants within the same family may cross-pollinate as well, including plants in the pumpkin, gourd and summer squash families and some winter squash.

    How far apart should you plant different varieties of cucumbers?

    Planting 6 inches apart and 1 inch deep is typical for many cucumber varieties. Cover the seeds with soil. Water thoroughly with your watering can or a hose on a gentle setting. When seedlings have reached 4 inches tall, thin them to one seedling every 16 inches.

    Will zucchini and cucumbers cross pollinate?

    Squash and cucumbers can't cross pollinate. This is because the genetic structure of the two plants is so different; there is no chance, short of laboratory intervention, that they can interbreed. A butternut could very well cross pollinate with a zucchini or a hubbard squash could cross pollinate with an acorn squash.

    What is a good companion plant for zucchini?

    Examples of good companion plants to grow well with zucchini plants include:

  • Beans. Beans fix nitrogen levels in soil to balance the pH level.
  • Borage. Borage is a flower that not only attracts beneficial insects like bees, but can deter pest worms from your zucchini.
  • Dill.
  • Garlic.
  • Marigolds.
  • Mint.
  • Nasturtiums.
  • Oregano.

  • What can I plant in my vegetable garden to keep pests away?

  • Aphids: chives, coriander, nasturtium.
  • Ants: tansy.
  • Asparagus beetle: pot marigold.
  • Bean beetle: marigold, nasturtium, rosemary.
  • Cabbage moth: hyssop, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, southernwood, tansy, thyme.
  • Carrot fly: rosemary, sage.

  • How close do you plant marigolds to vegetables?

    What can you not plant after cucumber?

    Two plants to avoid planting near cucumbers are melons and potatoes. Sage is not recommended as a companion plant near cucumbers either. While sage shouldn't be planted near cucumbers, oregano is a popular pest control herb and will do well as a companion plant.

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