How Do I Get My Kalanchoe To Bloom?

How do I get my kalanchoe to bloom? Tricking a Kalanchoe into Blooming

Keep the plant warm and away from drafts. Do not water or feed the plant for 6 weeks, as it is dormant. As soon as you see flower buds, move the plant to brighter lighting and resume watering. Feed the plant in spring and remove spent flowers to encourage new buds.

How long does it take for kalanchoe to bloom?

A kalanchoe plant is like an amaryllis in that it needs at least 14 hours of darkness for 6 weeks straight to trigger flowering. Stick it in a closet or cabinet overnight (from 6 PM to 8 AM) and cut back on watering and feeding during this time. After 6 weeks, you should see the beginnings of colorful blooms.

How often do kalanchoe plants flower?

A cousin to the Jade plant, flowering Kalanchoe is a fairly low-maintenance succulent house plant. Flower heads on kalanchoe blossom in bright oranges, pinks, yellow, red, and white on a compact, upright plant about 6-12 inches tall. The flowers last several months, and the green plants are pretty year-round.

How do you revive kalanchoe?

The key to getting it to come back and flower again for you is to start cutting away some of this old growth and letting it dry down. That's a key too is you let it dry down, put it in a cooler spot. Maybe you've got a window that you could put it next to at night and that helps initiate another set of buds.

Should I pinch back Kalanchoe?

Kalanchoe plants should be cut back when they are done blooming. With its late winter blooming habit, kalanchoe brings bright blooms into homes when the weather outside is still cold and gloomy. Trimming will not only help encourage the next season's blooms, but will keep the plant itself healthy and attractive.

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