How Big Is The Gardening Industry UK?

How big is the gardening industry UK? How big is the UK garden market? A. Ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK made an estimated £24.2billion contribution to national GDP in 2017. Around 568,700 jobs across the country are supported by ornamental horticulture and landscaping, equivalent to 1 in every 62 jobs!

What is the biggest garden Centre in the UK?

Bridgemere Garden Centre. 50 years ago, our centre opened as a rose nursery. Today, we're Britain's largest centre, selling a huge range of top-quality plants and gardening products.

How much is the UK horticulture industry worth?

Ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK made an estimated £24.2 billion contribution to national GDP in 2017.

How many families have gardens in the UK?

In the UK, there are around 27 million people who partake in gardening. This is a huge portion of the 64 million that currently reside in this country.

Do Tesco own Dobbies?

Dobbies is one of the largest garden centre operators in the UK, with 68 stores nationwide. Currently owned by private equity firms Midlothian Capital Partners and Hattington Capital, the business was sold by Tesco for £217m in 2016.

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Do wyevale garden Centres still exist?

Wyevale has confirmed that it has sold its remaining batch of stores, meaning the garden retailer's business has come to an end. Since it launched a sales process in May last year, Wyevale has sold all 145 of its garden centres via 57 separate transactions.

Is horticulture profitable in UK?

Horticulture is often described as a high risk, low reward industry. Growers today are operating against a backdrop of diminishing profitability, escalating farmgate costs and a declining share of the UK fresh produce market.

What percentage of the UK population has a garden?

How many people enjoy gardening?

Region % Who Enjoy Gardening % Who Say Gardening Helps them to Relax
East of England 38.22% 34.03%
Greater London 33.84% 28.52%
East Midlands 44.08% 38.16%
West Midlands 45.25% 37.43%

What is the average area of a garden?

Individual 100 square feet
Couple 200 square feet
Average Family 300-500 square feet
Large Family (5+) 600-800 square feet
Religious Family (8+) 1000+ square feet

Has Dobbies taken over wyevale?

British Garden Centres has taken 37 Wyevale sites with a combined asking price of £39m. Dobbies has acquired 37 with a combined asking price of £231m. Blue Diamond has acquired 16 with an asking price of £50m.

How many Blue Diamond Garden Centres are there?

Blue Diamond now employs around 3,000 people at its Head Office and 30 garden centres across the UK & Channel Islands.

Who owns Wyevale?

Wyevale Garden Centres

When did Wyevale become Dobbies?

Andrew Bracey, Dobbies Chairman, said: “We are delighted to have now acquired a total of 37 garden centres from Wyevale. Since acquiring Dobbies in 2016 we have doubled it in size, expanded Dobbies' national footprint and strengthened our position as the UK's leading garden centre operator.

Are dogs allowed in Wyevale Garden Centres?

Dogs are allowed everywhere in the centre, apart from in the cafes. Some stores have an outside eating area where the dogs are allowed and most stores have a pet shop for you to pick up doggy supplies. Take a look at your local Wyevale Garden Centre to find out more.

Is Sainsbury going into Dobbies?

Sainsbury's is to extend supply agreements with garden centre chain Dobbies, highlighting the increased demand for convenience franchising. The partnership began last year and saw Sainsbury's 'food halls' installed in 44 Dobbies sites.

What did Dobbies used to be called?

The business was founded in 1865 by James Dobbie, who created a seeds business named Dobbie & Co.

Does a big garden increase property value?

A study by the AA has found that having garden space on your property can lift its value by 5 per cent – a nice add-on the already increasing house values across the country. The study looked at homes with and without gardens in 30 towns and cities across the nation to see where gardens are valued the most.

How long is a big garden?

Generally speaking, 200 square feet of garden space per person will allow for a harvest that feeds everyone year-round. For an average family of four, plan for an 800 square-foot garden—a plot that's 20 feet by 40 feet in size should do the trick. If your family is larger (or smaller), scale up or down as needed.

How much veg does the UK grow?

British farmers produce 3.5m tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year – on 153,000 hectares of land. In addition, British farmers grow 14,000 hectares of plants and flowers.

How many vegetables grow in UK?

Horticulture in the UK is a highly varied and innovative industry. It accounts for about 3% of the UK's croppable area yet its growers – all 4,000 or more of them – produce more than 300 types of vegetable, salad and fruit crops, to say nothing of a huge range of ornamental plants and flowers.

What's growing in the farmers Field UK?

Crops commonly grown in the United Kingdom include cereals, chiefly wheat, oats and barley; root vegetables, chiefly potatoes and sugar beet; pulse crops such as beans or peas; forage crops such as cabbages, vetches, rape and kale; fruit, particularly apples and pears; and hay for animal feed.

How many landscapers are there in the UK?

Data on the total number of employed and self-employed gardeners and landscape gardeners in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2011 to 2020 shows that as of 2020 there were approximately 157 thousand gardeners and landscape gardeners in some form of employment in the United Kingdom.

How much is the garden Centre industry worth?

According to the Horticultural Trades Association, the UK garden market is worth around £5.7billion (excluding landscaping and amenity) and business is booming for the UK's 2,300 garden centres and retail nurseries.

Which age group does the most gardening?

A big reason for the recent rebirth in food gardening is the 18-34 age group. Although food gardening in general is up 17 percent in the past 5 years and still growing, the rate is up by 63 percent among ages 18-34, according to a new study by the National Gardening Association. In other words, they're fueling it.

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