Does Lina Die In Between Shades Of Gray?

Does Lina die in between shades of gray? It is a long and harrowing journey, spanning years and covering 6,500 miles, but it is through incredible strength, love, and hope that Lina ultimately survives. Between Shades of Gray is a novel that will steal your breath and capture your heart.

What happens to Lina and Andrius in between shades of gray?

Though Andrius and Lina are separated after Lina and her family are moved from the first camp, Lina's letter in the epilogue shows that the two survived, reconnected, and eventually married.

Who died in between shades of gray?

Ona: A young woman, not believed to be 20, who is forced on the train immediately after giving birth to her baby. Neither her nor her baby is given any medical attention. After losing her baby, Ona goes insane and is fatally shot by the NKVD. Aleksandras Lukas: A gray-haired man who is obsessed with winding his watch.

What happened to Lina vilkas?

Lina Vilkas is fifteen years old when she and her family are deported from their comfortable middle class home in Lithuania in 1941. Despite the hardships she endures upon deportation, she never ceases to stop her drawing.

Does Lina see Andrius again?

(view spoiler) Lina and Andrius both survived. They found one another again when they returned to Lithuania and they got married.

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What happens to Jonas in between shades of gray?

Despite his emotional strength, the physical difficulties of the camps take their toll on his young body, and he nearly succumbs to scurvy twice. He is ultimately saved by the timely intervention of Dr. Samodurov.

Who is Komarov between shades of gray?

The commander of the NKVD unit that deports the Vilkases. He is the personification of evil in Lina's mind.

What does Lina give Andrius for Christmas?

Lina gives Andrius a drawing of him, and Jonas gives him the oval stone that sparkled like jewelry, which Lina had given to Jonas for strength during his bout of scurvy. Elena goes with Andrius to say Merry Christmas to Mrs. Arvydas.

What language is Ashes in the Snow in?

Why did Lina decide to hide her drawings?

Ch 38 - 2: Why does Lina hide her drawings? She didn't want to risk her life with the drawings and the messages planned on being sent to Kostas.

What gift does Andrius give to Lina for her family?

Andrius gives the stone to Lina, who derives strength from a beautiful object given to her by someone she admires. Lina in turn passes it to Jonas for comfort when he is ill.

Who is Elena vilkas?

Elena Vilkas is Lina's mother, and is still a woman in the prime of her life when she is deported from her home in Lithuania.

How did Misha honor Janina's memory?

Misha doesn't tell his family about Janina, but he pays tribute to her memory by naming his granddaughter for her.

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