Do Gaura Plants Come Back Every Year?

Do gaura plants come back every year? Gaura are pretty, deciduous perennials, that look great in cottage garden style or informal plantings. Gauras have a relaxed habit with small starry flowers in white or pink, appearing from early summer right through to autumn.

Should you cut back gaura?

Pruning Gaura Plants

Do not wait too long to prune the growth back, since it could delay the flowering period. According to, flowering will begin again shortly after pruning. Gaura plants do best when it is cut all the way down to the roots in the fall.

Should I cut back gaura in winter?

Gaura responds by growing new leaves and branches and then blooming again by midsummer to late summer and continuing until autumn. Don't rejuvenate-prune the plant past midsummer as the regrowth may not mature enough to rebloom well before winter.

How do you maintain gaura?

Care of gauras involves planting them into a full sun area with rich soil and deep drainage. Growth needs of the gaura plant include organic soil. This encourages development of the taproot. Gaura growing info indicates the plants are drought tolerant once established, consequently, little care of gaura is needed.

Does gaura need staking?

tend to grow in tall, slender, reclining stems which may need staking --- I use my general-purpose home-made metal stakes.

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Is Guara an annual or perennial?

Gaura are annual or perennial sub-shrubs, native to North America, with delicate and modest sized leaves that form compact, bushy foliage and small star-shaped blooms that are displayed in loose panicles throughout summer and autumn.

How far apart do you plant gaura?

Space the plants at least 12 inches apart, and plant in groups of three or five plants for maximum impact.

How do I use gaura in my garden?

Combine gaura with other low-water perennials such as coneflower, ornamental grasses, and yarrow in a wildflower garden. Gaura also moves and sways sweetly, so consider adding it to coastal gardens where the wind is appreciated. Gaura grows to about three feet tall and wide when in bloom.

Does gaura transplant well?

Gaura coccinea (scarlet beeblossom) can be transplanted but Mr. Smarty Plants recommends that you don't dig it up immediately. In late fall or early winter, dig the plant and move it to your garden. It should do just fine.

Should I cut down my perennials in fall?

Cutting back perennials in the fall is not only a great way to keep flowerbeds looking neat and tidy through winter, but it also aids greatly in keeping plants vibrant and blooming the following year. Removing spent foliage and blooms helps a plant focus on recharging it's roots and resources.

Why is my gaura dying?

Root rot may occur in heavy, poorly drained soils. Gaura is a tap rooted plant which tolerates heat, humidity and some drought. Plants (particularly those which typically grow tall) may be cut back in late spring by 1/2 to control size. May self-seed if spent flower stems are left in place in the fall.

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