Can You Grow Vegetables In Just Compost?

Can you grow vegetables in just compost? Growing plants in pure compost can cause problems with water retention and stability as well. So while it may be tempting, planting in pure compost is not a good idea. That's not to say you shouldn't plant in compost at all. Just an inch or two of good compost mixed with your existing topsoil is all your plants need.

What vegetables grow well in compost?

Along with tomatoes, as discussed above, pumpkins and squash are two other crops that can do well growing in pure compost. Squash plants are more sprawling than tall, growing close to the ground along vines, and they need well-draining soil.

Can I plant seedlings in compost?

Start your seedlings in compost! Soil3 humus compost is packed full of micronutrients to ensure your plants' success, including mycorrhizae that encourage root growth. There's no better way to get your plant babies ready for spring.

How thick should compost be?

How much compost should I use for good results? Applying a layer 2 to 4 inches thick and incorporating it into the top 6 inches of your garden works best. An application every two to three years should be practiced.

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