Can You Grow Creeping Jenny From Cuttings?

Can you grow creeping Jenny from cuttings? Creeping jenny roots effortlessly from softwood cuttings if they are potted in moist, sterile medium and kept under partly shaded conditions. Rooting hormone is not required to successfully propagate creeping jenny, although it can be used to hasten the process, according to North Carolina Extension.

How long does it take to propagate creeping Jenny?

The plants will develop roots within a week or two. It will take another 10 days for these plants to grow new leaves, so that you can transplant them. Ensure that you place them in indirect light for a few days, before shifting to a location with full sun. You can also root the stem cuttings in water.

How do you take cuttings from Lysimachia?

Lightly water or thoroughly mist the cuttings and medium, allowing the medium to settle around the stem. Cover the cuttings with plastic or glass and set them in a bright, warm space. Mist the cuttings and medium regularly so they do not wilt and so the medium does not dry out.

Can I put creeping Jenny in a pond?

Plant Creeping Jenny directly into your pond or water garden in shallow water of up to 2 inches. This will serve as an ideal habitat for small pond fish, insects, and frogs.

Can I overwinter creeping Jenny?

Winter care for creeping Jenny is very simple though. Continue watering creeping Jenny as normal until the ground freezes. Creeping Jenny likes moist soil and thrives in damp environments. If your creeping Jenny is in a drier part of your garden, add extra water as winter approaches.

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